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Gerard Butler GALS

GQ Germany Man of the Year Video/Photos

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At the GQ Germany site

A video with a small excerpt on GB getting his award,

GQ Men of the Year: the Gala


1:98 - 2:13 mark

Larger photos of GB in the the GQ photo galleries

Award Show


Red Carpet


Also a You Tube video of Gerry accepting his award has just shown up on You Tube

not the best quality but it's something for those that missed the live action

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I was on YouTube looking for GQ Germany stuff and saw an old interview of GB in a very tight shirt :drool1: and he was feigning an American accent, thud, I don't smoke and I think I need a cigarette. [it reminded me of a very adorable English guy I met in Australia who would imitate my Canadian accent, he had me in stitches, he was bang on, shoot his name might have Gerard too, have to check my trip journal, and now my mind is mush, I have to compose myself, so I thought I'd try to do something constructive, bwah.]

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I love it when he gets that little boy humble grin on that gorgeous face of his! Don't you know he just has to throw in a few laughs too! :cunning:

Thanks Lavender... :wave: Frannie

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That Vox video is absolutely hilarious - what a gem to find!!! How did the rest of the paps miss that, hmmm, may need to check the Germany media more closely. Getting ready for Xmas Gerry? The red noses are around 0:30 - 0:34 mark, FYI but Gerry is sprinkled throughout the piece. That is the guy who is a talk show host in Germany, with the red nose, he had the crowd is stitches, the Jay Leno of Germany, maybe Craig Ferguson since I think Craig is funnier than Leno and Letterman combined. Ah, Gerry was sitting beside his friend Til Swieger in the front row. Was Bob Geldof on the other side I wonder?

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I love his acceptance speech. Cute, classy, funny. :wuv: Makes me want to go to that scene and hug him. :kiss:

Love the "6 years ago" joke! :funnyup:

Thank you for the links Lavender!

Yes he is adorable when he is nervous and giggly. So refreshing as well.

More photos here

Gerry with Tom Ford and Til Sweiger



Gerry arriving getting out of the car with his lovely overcoat


Cute translated paragraph from story

The boys from next door

For example, Gerard Butler: International named by GQ in the category of "film", he is with his dimples and a wink any more of the "cute guy next door", as a deluxe Lady Killer.

Group shoot


Another group shot, red nose on the host guy



Red Carpet


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This is funny tidbit from a Google translation, clearly not wholly accurate translation

Ceremony "GQ Men of the Year Award" Sylvie warms the coolest socks

[silvie is a Dutch actress, I knew her accent was off]

The coolest sock on the red carpet was definitely Hollywood star Gerard Butler ( "300"), an international award for film. He was obviously not from the swingy long night of partying before, eventually, he distributed there still clock in the morning until 3 truffle pizza to beautiful ladies of his choice.

Butler picture: "I can not decide which type it should be. I just love all women. "

One, whose beauty drove him yesterday certainly bring tears to your eyes, was Sylvie van der Vaart. In her Gucci dress she showed a great deal of skin, her cancer is it certainly did not.


The coolest sock? ETA Ah, Sylvie was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, not sure if she is done or not, she is married to a famous Dutch soccer player. Hup Holland.

Some better photos, tons of them of GB, from the GQ Awards at the Rex Features site, too bad there are just thumbnails, I love the photo in row 3, photo 1, hee hee


Naturally the English photographers knew who to take photos of....... bwah. Beter than Gettys, you can really see his suit, with the shiny lapels so much better........

This is cute


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This site has 2 clips


Under Video Highlights

1. Das sind die Manner des Jahres

GB at 1:30 mark

Bob Geldof was clearly the bad boy of this event, ha! In this clip you'll see why.

2. Schweingegrippe? GQ-promis

GB in beginning, 0:52 and longer section starting at 1:18, you can actually hear part of his speech

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Thank you for all the great finds Lavender1960.

I'm hoping that some of the clips find their way to multimedia eventually.

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Just found this on utube.dont think its been posted before -

Thank you Stuart. The best recording of Gerry's speech that I've yet seen.

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