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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry doing the Samba

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This is a lovely video that our Jo found and sent me earlier today.


Gerry comes on at 1.19 and does a bit of Samba later on.

Thanks for the find Jo!


P.S. Here's another video I found later on:

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:p LOL "Gerry um amigo gringo" ... He is a gringo, eheheh, reminds me of a Mexican Tv character: He is a gringo, senor!

Just thought that was funny :bonk:

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Awww those videos are just too cute! Thanks for posting them=) Its really good to see that Gerrys really enjoying himself(but then again who wouldent xD) and having a good time.. That makes me kind of having a good time when I know that hes good.. Haha sounds lame, but its the truth...:p

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