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Gerard Butler GALS

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All Right Gals here is my attempt at a love story

I'll try to post regularly and please be kind in reveiws

Also if my spelling is a little bad forgive me

It was Lizzy’s first boat cruise. She won it through a mail survey. She was thankful that she won it had been a very hard month for her. First she lost her father suddenly to a heart attack. Her mom was in a awful state at the local hospital. Lizzy was an only child and though it broke her heart to go the nurses told her there was nothing she could do. Best to get some rest and come back in a week or so they would call if there was any change.

Lizzy went home that night to pack for the week long cruise. As she sort out her things she thought of her dad and how kind brave and strong he seemed the day before he died. “how could you leave us?” was the only question that kept running through her head. It was three o’clock when she finished packing. She flopped on her single bed and cried herself to sleep.

The boat was leaving the docks at nine sharp. Lizzy awoke at seven rushed around the house making sure all was locked up. She was stuck in traffic until eight thirty and curse as she ran down the dock to meet her boat. She was running so fast she did not see the man come around the corner, she ran strait into him and all her luggage spilled open.

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“ Oh Bugger and I’m running late” cursed Lizzy as she bent down to pick up her things.

“ A Sorry didn’t see you there would be nice.” replied a slightly ticked off Scotsman

“ I am sorry but you see I’m really late and I really don’t ….” Her voice got stuck as she look up into the green \gray eyes of the man whom she was lucky enough to hit on her way to the boat.

“I understand but you should really watch where you are going.” He bent down to help her retrieve her things.

Lizzy’s last relationship was a total mess and it had been at least a year since she even thought about other men, but this man made her feel things she thought where gone forever the way he moved, the way he stole the breath right out of her with just a look. “where has he been all my life “ she thought to herself.

“Where were you going in such a hurry?” he questioned as he put the last of her things in her bag.

His question brought back Lizzy from her thoughts. “Thanks for the help. I’m on my way to that boat over there for my first cruise.”

“It was my pleasure and I hope we bump into each other soon. Enjoy your cruise.” He smiled and walk away.

That smile was all Lizzy needed to send her thoughts spinning again. She quickly snapped out of it and made her way to the boat only a little more slowly.

As she boarded she could have sworn she saw the handsome Scotsman in line at the other end of the ship. Lizzy was shown to her room where she begin to unpack. When she was about half way through she realized that there was something missing a photograph of her and her parents she had been carrying it around since her dad passed away.

She had to find it but first she had to call the hospital and check on her mom. She had some idea of where it went but it would have to wait. “Hi I’m calling to ask about my mother condition? Yes her name is Angie Bellows.”

The nurse on the other line told her all was as it should be that there was no change. So Lizzy decided to take a walk up to the main deck and watch as they departed. She was staring out at the open sea when that familiar voice spoke right next to her ear. “The dock is that way.” he said pointing in the other direction “ don’t you have any one to wish a fond farewell to?”

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“No I don’t. By the way you didn’t happen to pick up my picture and forget to return it?” She was taken back by how close he stood next to her. She wonder if he had heard of personal boundaries.

“Oh you mean this picture yes I put it in my things by mistake. Your parents I assume.” He took the picture out of the back pocket of his fading jeans.

“Yes they are thank you for returning it to me now I must be going.” She wonder what else was in the back pocket of those jeans. Before her imagination could run away with her she excused herself.

From the moment she bump into him on the docks Benjamin couldn’t get the women out of his head and he didn’t even know her name. He could see the passion and fire in her sole in the way she cared for her parents, the way she looked at him with those intense blue eyes so full of mischief. He had to remind himself he was here on business and that Amy was waiting for his return.

“Excuse me Doctor but the captain will see you now.” Ben was caught up in his thoughts he did not hear the ships officer come up behind him.

“Yes thank you .” Ben followed the officer to the captain.

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Lizzy flopped down on the cot like bed in her room. This was going to be some cruise if she kept running to that gorgeous man. There was just something about him that wouldn’t let her sole rest. She placed the picture next to the bed and pick up the cruise brochures that listed the events for the coming week. Nothing really stood out for her, the dance in the main hall might be fun the theme was sixties sock hop. Dinner sounded great too having someone wait on her for a change. There was also a doctor giving a lecture on bedside manner. As Lizzy read the points to be made buy the doctor and the bio that followed her heart skipped a beat. There was his face starring back at her. The Scotsmen from the docks now she had a name to go with that dazzling smile and tight jeans. Doctor Benjamin Gray, 36 years old MD graduated from Harvard.

Lizzy couldn’t believe her luck maybe her could help her mother but she would have to get over whatever it was that drew her to this man if only to save her mom from any more pain. Her mom was lost in her own world ever since her father died. Sometimes Lizzy wished that like her mother she could retreat into another world one where he didn’t die and they were happy. God would she ever stop crying?

Before she started weeping like a lost child she picked herself off the bed and went for a walk to smell the sea air.

She was at a loss for words as she gazed out into the deep blue sea. She had never seen anything so lovely she could feel the sweat and tears of the last month melt away. Suddenly having been lost long enough she decided to find something to eat she turn around to enter the dining area when who should be coming out but Ben.

This time it was Ben who was not paying attention to where he was going and bumped right into making her lose balance. Before Lizzy had a chance to react his arms where around her to steady her from the fall. “Told you we would bump into each other again.” He was so close she could feel his heart beat under her hands and smell the coffee on his breath. “Before you have a chance to run away. I would like to know the name of the woman who is bumping into me.”

Lizzy stepped back and held her emotions in control long enough to answer “This time Doctor Gray you bumped into me. My name is Elizabeth Bellows.”

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“Well Elizabeth Bellows, my friends call me Ben. Since it was indeed my fault I hope you'll accept my apology and have dinner with me tonight.” What was he doing he had to prepare for tomorrow and Amy was at home. He had a love in his life. The more he thought about Amy he realized she was becoming distant and things were not going as they should when it came to their relationship. But to throw it all away are a woman he just met.

Lizzy was a bit taken back buy the offer for dinner but it would be her the chance to ask him some questions about her mothers case. “Sure I would accept dinner and my friends call me Lizzy.”

“Great I’ll meet you here at six would that be okay?” Ben was as giddy as a school boy he could hardly contain himself. This lovely young woman agree to have dinner with him. He believed that the coming night was going to be full of unexpected pleasure.

Lizzy left Ben at the door and continued to get her lunch. As she sat eating a smile played across her lips. Dinner with a sexy charming man. When was the last time she went out on a date? She had been to busy with work and her parents to think about dating or anything else for that matter. As the day drew on Lizzy found herself thinking more and more of the doctor what was he like, what did enjoy doing in his spare time and more importantly what did he taste like?

She was as giddy as a school girl as she got dressed and returned to the dining area to meet with the mysterious doctor. As she reach the front stairs she saw a rather handsome doctor dressed in a charming blue suit.

Ben couldn’t believe his eyes she was even more stunning then he remembered. He had to get emotions under control before she reached that last step. “ You look wonderful.” he stammered as he extended his hand.

“You look pretty good yourself.” They made their way to the table arm in arm. Both of them trying to suppress the feelings that arose within by the simple contact . Dinner began with the usual small talk Lizzy expected on her dates. She sat there wondering when to bring the subject of her mother. She was knocked balanced when Ben reached across the table to take her hand in his.

“You seem to be seem somewhere else tonight Lizzy is there something I can do to bring you back to present day?” Little did Ben know Lizzy was fully aware of the man across from her as he stroke her hand and looked at her with the biggest puppy dog eyes she had ever seen.

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“Its just my mother, I left her in the hospital to take this stupid cruise I should really go call her.” Lizzy stood and turned to leave but before she could run away Ben grabbed her by the wrist.

“I’m sure she is doing well. Will you please sit and tell me about it.” Ben could not let her run again he knew she was special. Maybe he could help her maybe she would learn to trust him. Something deep inside Ben just snapped every time she was near him. Thankfully Lizzy didn’t refuse and sat backdown Ben regretfully dropped her wrist.

Lizzy told Ben how her father had passed away the pervious month Her mother had not taken it well and stopped eating ,sleeping and the rest of it kind of just fell apart. Lizzy did her best to keep up take care of her mom but there was just to much for just her.

Lizzy surprised herself Ben was so easy to talk to he hung on every word and didn’t even bat an eye when she choke on the last part of her terrible story. Two days ago the nurses had told Lizzy that her mother would never come out of her state of mind they had tried everything. Lizzy spent hours to her reading to her, helping her in and out of bed, sharing the daily news. Nurses at the hospital agreed that a more permanent setting would have be arranged for two weeks from now. Lizzy still had to find some help for her mom she had looked into some really nice homes but it all seemed out of her budget. Lizzy worked two jobs already and was finding next to impossible to save money both for her collage and her mom.

When she had finished Ben just smiled. “Well you been having an awful month but maybe your luck is about to change. Now before they stop playing this wonderful music I think we should grab a dance.” Ben took Lizzy’s hands in his and escorted her to the small dance floor that was already crowded with people.

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They seemed to glide across the dance floor Lizzy was in a dream, his arms held her so tight she could smell the wine on his breath . All she could see was him nothing else mattered. “Wait!” she thought “What am I doing? I don’t even know this man.”

Ben could feel Lizzy stiffen in his arms. He looked down to see a look a panic on her face. “What is it?” He whispered.

“I don’t even know you I went on and on tonight. I know nothing about you except you are a doctor.” His concern and tenderness nearly took the breath right out of her.

“There is plenty of time for that luv. We have …..” Ben’s beeper suddenly went off. “Dam this thing always goes off at the wrong time.” he cursed as he looked down to see Amy’s number pop up. “I’m afraid I have to get this will you wait here for me?” Ben took Lizzy back to their table then kissed her hand . “We will talk about me when I return.”

Ben went into the next room to place his call. Lizzy was left wondering what it was about this man that had her so captured. Lizzy decided that now was the time to slip off to the ladies room and freshen up. When Lizzy returned from the restroom Ben was still no where to be found. Lizzy went topside to look for him and there she found him gazing out into the ocean . He look so tired, so helpless. She would have given anything to know what that phone call was about.

Instead she walked up put her arm threw his and just stood watching the water in the moon light.

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Ben was quite upset with Amy’s call . She called to tell him that she won’t be there when he gets back that she has to go visit her Mom in Florida and if it was okay if she could send him the bill for the airplane ticket since she wasn’t getting paid tell next week . It seemed to Ben that Amy was always getting paid next week and when she did get paid that money would also be hers. He was always giving and giving and she just kept taking. He looked over at the young women beside him somehow she seemed so different. He could see how much she cared for her mom and how hard she worked to keep her well. He would get to know her more and come up with something to help her.

Lizzy looked over at Ben and their eyes met “ Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not tonight Lets just take a walk and enjoy this wonderful sea air” They strolled along the deck hand in hand for a few minutes . “So tell me Lizzy what do want to know about me?”

“Well lets see, what makes you most happy?”

“Well my work makes me happy but that’s not what you want to hear. I am also very happy when I’m….Actually I can’t remember when I was truly happy is that bad?”

Lizzy was stunned “No not bad it is kind of sad. But I know the feeling after my Father died I thought I would never be happy again.”

Ben looked deep into her eyes “Have you found your happiness yet?”

Lizzy suddenly found herself unable to breath he was too close and getting closer. Ben reached his arms around her pulled her close and before she could protest he placed his mouth on her’s. Lizzy knees gave but he was holding her so close she didn’t notice all she could feel was his warm tender lips gently caress her own. Ben was amazed at how wonderful she tasted he wanted more. He deepened the kiss and found Lizzy welcoming and so generous just when he thought he would loss control she pulled away

Lizzy with great effort pulled away from the kiss. “Ben I had a really lovely time but I think I should return to my cabin. I would like to call the hospital.”

Ben felt hurt surely she had felt what he felt. “If you like I could walk you back?”

“No Ben I think I can find my way. Thanks again for dinner. Good night.” Lizzy kissed his cheek and turned to return to her cabin

“Can I see you again maybe for lunch or something?” Ben called

Lizzy turned around and with a playful look replied “You know where to find me.”

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Lizzy return to her cabin and flopped on the bed. “how am I ever going to sleep after that kiss” she thought. No one had ever kissed her like that before. She decided to skip the phone call and just hop in a cold shower.

Just about the same time Ben was getting out of his cold shower. He wrapped his towel about his waist and began pacing about the room. No other woman fit in his arms like Lizzy he was sure she felt something when he kissed her.

He ran his fingers through his hair “Why is she so scared to open to me?” His beeper began to go off again. He cursed as he reached for it cause he knew it was Amy and he didn’t want to deal with her. He hated to switch it off but did so just the same then after slipping into his swim trunks headed up to the pool maybe a midnight swim will drive both women from his head.

Lizzy return to her to her room after her shower with still no rest in sight she decided to take another walk around the deck maybe the fresh air would do her some good.As she walked aimlessly through the ship she played the nights events over in her mind. “This is crazy he really isn’t that special he is just another guy.” Who was she trying to kid this guy had something. Something she had never known, a fire that burned deep in his soul she could she it every time he looked at her and it scared her.

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She was alone in her walk until she rounded the corner and spied a lone swimmer in the pool Lizzy froze as she realized who it was. It was like all her thoughts had taken form as she watched Ben in the pool. His beautiful body in motion she was in awe he seemed to swimming like there were demons after him. She retreated to the shadows where she continue to watch him as he stepped out and dried off. Her body seemed to be on fire she had no idea anyone could look so glorious in the moonlight.

Ben swam until his arms could do no more then he got out and had a seat in one of the chairs next to the unaware that he was being watched. He lay back and looked at the stars above him. He didn’t care what Amy said about these cruises he thought they were the best thing to happen to him you didn’t get a view like this sitting in an office. Suddenly Ben sat up thinking he heard a noise. “Who’s there?”

Lizzy dropped the bag she was carrying “Shoot” She cursed. Ben heard and called she froze wondering whether or not to answer. Before she knew what she stepped out of the shadows and answered “Ben it’s Lizzy I hope I didn’t disturb I was just out for a walk for some reason I couldn’t sleep.”

Ben couldn’t believe it the very demon he was trying to outrun had found him and god did she look tasty . Because it was such a warm night Lizzy wore a pair of short shorts and tank top, Ben couldn’t take his eyes off her. “I guess we are both having trouble sleeping tonight.”

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“I can see your busy I’ll just go back the way I came. Good night again Ben” Lizzy was both embarrassed and a little ashamed for catching him off guard.

Before she got away again Ben spoke up “No don’t leave its quite alright please come sit.” Ben pulled over another chair and place his towel around his shoulders. “I was just gazing at the night sky you don’t see stars like these in the city.”

Lizzy still not sure about what she was doing took the seat across from trying hard to look at him and not the swim trunks that clung to him. “I do love the night sky makes everything seem so small in comparison.” Lizzy gazes skyward.

Ben lost in the awe of the women next to him places his hand in hers and pulls her closer. “Has anyone told how lovely you look.” It sounded so silly to Ben but he couldn’t stop himself from saying it.

Lizzy looked over and smiled “Not lately and really is that the best you could come up with.” Lizzy was a little surprised to she such earnest in his eyes that the smile soon began to fade replaced by a warm sensation rising from places long forgotten.

Ben not in the least bit taken back by her comments reached behind her head with one hand and pulled her lips to his. The kiss was even more heated then the first and both had to pull away from the intensity of it. Ben was the first to speak , “Lizzy I really don’t know what's going on here I have never felt like this before.”

Lizzy smiled and lay down to gaze at the sky once more. “I really don’t want to question it tonight Ben can we just lay here and watch the night sky turn day.” Lizzy was so tried of questions and lets face even if she wanted to return to her room her legs wouldn’t carry her. She felt Ben relax and lay next to her. She put her arm around him and just lay there tell both of them fell asleep

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A little while later the sun began to peek over the horizon Lizzy turned and found Ben had left to get dressed she assumed she smiled to herself. “I don’t think I have ever slept so good” She thought. She hoped the day brought all kinds of great things. She returned to her room and took another look at the things offered on the cruise. Of course she would hear Ben speak at his lecture but she thought she might also sign up for the dance class and maybe take in the magic show and she couldn’t forget the spa.

Ben watched Lizzy for what seemed like forever then he noticed he was still in his wet swim trunks so ever so gently he got up and returned to his room to change. Last night was more magical then anything he had shared with Amy. Speaking of which he reached over and turned his beeper back on.

Lizzy went about the ship signing up for the dance class and getting her tickets for the evening magic show. She hadn’t heard from Ben all day but that hadn’t meant he wasn’t on her mind. She kept seeing him as he swam and remembered what it felt like to be in his arms as they danced, most of all her body felt heated every time she recalled those sweet deep kisses they shared under the moonlight. She spent the afternoon at the ships spa in the hopes that it would drown out the memory of his touch.

Ben was also finding it difficult to concentrate of his daily activities. Amy called three times just to be sure he sent the money and every time he answer his cabin phone he hoped it was Lizzy wanting to have lunch. Amy soon heard the stress in his voice and asked him what was wrong. Not wanting to tell her the truth over the phone he explained that his latest speech was giving him trouble. In fact it was half the truth he couldn’t concentrate on his speech because all he could see was Lizzy’s face when he looked at his blank computer screen. All he could think about was how right she felt in his arms and wonder if she would be as giving in her love making as she was in her daily life?

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It was late when Lizzy and Ben met again, oddly enough both had returned to the scene of the crime so to speak. After Lizzy called the hospital only to find out there was still no change in her mother condition, she felt more alone and needed to walk off some of the days events. She soon found herself next to the pool gazing up at the stars that last night seemed so beautiful tonight she thought they looked far away and so unable to reach. “Kind of like my mom.”

“What was that?” Lizzy didn’t hear Ben come up behind her. When he spoke she jumped at the sound of his voice. “I’m sorry if I startled you. But you do realized you were talking to yourself not a very good sign.”

“I happen to know a lot of people who talk to themselves its when you start answering yourself that your in trouble.” She smiled.

Ben thought he would die he had never seen such a smile. “How was you day?”

“It went very well thank you how was yours?” She turned back to the water so he couldn’t see the hurt in her eyes.

Ben took the spot next to her “Terrible I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Lizzy turned to face him she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Ben smiled “I really tried to write my speech but all could see was your face.”

Lizzy just looked at him, she had never been near anyone so honest before she could see that he was sincere and it hurt her that she had lied to him. “Well I really don’t know what to say. You have left me speechless so I guess we are even.”

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“Not quite I think I should be able to take you to lunch tomorrow when we dock. Maybe it will help drive you from my mind. However why I would want to do that is beyond me.” Ben smiled and took Lizzy hand. “I also think you should tell me everything about your mother while I walk you back to your room for the night.”

They started walking “I told you last night at dinner all I could remember about what is making her ill.”

“I know you did but I want to hear about what your family was like before your father passed. Were you a happy family tell me about you growing up.” Ben knew she called the hospital he could see it in her eyes he wished there was a way he could help.

“Yes I was very happy growing up my dad was a lawyer and my mom a teacher we had a very rich life. Dad never took a case he couldn’t handle and mom was always there when I was having problems in school. When I was out of high school with still no career in mind nether of them pushed. And when I decided that I wanted to write both were behind me one hundred percent. Dad had me sign up for all the right classes he never had a bad word to say about my writing. Mom however was my toughest critic she always told me what to fix and how to change things for the better.”

Once Lizzy started talking she found it hard to stop all the memories of fighting with her Mom came rushing back as well as the night her dad passed she could feel the tears welling in her eyes.

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Ben upon hearing Lizzy voice start to crack gently squeezed her hand “Sounds like you were happy. Do you write still?”

Lizzy quickly wiped her eyes and thought to herself about the last time she picked up a pen or sat in front of her Dads computer. “No not anymore. Please can we not talk about that stuff right now. Tell me about you when did you decide to become a doctor?”

“Well both my parents were police officers so of course they wanted me to become one too. It just wasn’t what I wanted. I was never into it, I mean when I was a kid I kept thinking that any day now Uncle Leo who was their Captain would come over and tell me one or both of my parents were caught in a shoot out on west 49th street. So when I got out of high school I decided that I would become a doctor in case that did happen I could help them.” Ben looked out to sea once more thinking about what he didn’t tell Lizzy. That when he got his MD both parents disowned him they didn’t even see him graduate.

Seeing that family was also a sore spot for Ben, Lizzy tried once more to change the subject. Slipping her hand back through his she guided him once more in the direction of her room. “So where are we going for lunch tomorrow?”

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“No No That is a surprise.” Ben replied with sly grin

“Oh come on I need to know what to ware.” Lizzy didn’t like surprises.

“Oh look I do believe this is your room. As for what to where tomorrow make sure your dressed for the outdoors. Until tomorrow pleasant dreams.” Ben leaned over a gave her kissed cheek then disappeared down the hall.

Lizzy woke up that morning not sure what expect as the ship dock for its two day stop over on some island paradise that Lizzy forgot the name of. Not knowing exactly what to ware she put on the lovely light blue sundress that she believed brought out the blue in her eyes, adding a sunhat and sandals she went to meet Ben.

Ben had packed a picnic lunch and had planned to take Lizzy to a wonderful little spot next to a waterfall . He had it all packed when his beeper went off. This time it wasn’t Amy but his best friend Will. He called Will in the hopes that he could fax Lizzy’s mother case file over. Looking at his watch he quickly dialed Will’s number “Hey Will is there a problem?”

“No not a big one mostly just curious to know what you want it for?” Will had never known Ben to be tight lipped when it came to work.

“I don’t have a lot of time right now to explain I meeting someone for lunch. Can we meet when I get back to town?” Ben took one more look at his watch it was getting a bit late the ship already made port.

“Of course and good luck with whatever you are up to.” Will hung up. Ben putting the phone down grabbed the picnic and went to find Lizzy.

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Awwwww! :wub: This is very cute, Rebecca! Interested to see what happens....

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As Lizzy approached the deck her breath was stolen away by the view before eyes. Never in her twenty-nine years on this earth had she seen anything more beautiful then the paradise before her. Beaches as far as her eyes could see, what looked like an inactive volcano in the distance, hotels lined the beaches as well as little local shops selling anything from food to art. She fought the urge to get off the ship with the rest of the tourists, She wished Ben would hurry.

Ben approached and was not taken in by the beauty of the island but of the woman who stood before him. He had never seen such a look of awe and wonder in a woman's face. He was afraid to touch her, afraid he would break the spell that she was under. “Are you ready to leave?” He slowly reached out his hand as she turned to face him.

“Oh my goodness I have never seen anything so lovely.” Lizzy took the hand that was offered and they continued down the ramp to the docks.

Smiling at the lady next to him he replied “I agree never have I seen anything more beautiful.”

Lizzy ignoring the fact that Ben wasn’t referring to the scenery but to her asked. “So where are we going? What are we going to do first?”

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“Well I thought we would take a walk through town. I have this little spot up in the hills I would like to show you, we could have this wonderful picnic I brought. Then when you have had your fill we can come back to the beach for some scuba diving.” Ben smiled as Lizzy eyes looked from place to place taking it all in like a child in a candy shop. “Is there anything you want to see before we make our way towards the spot I have pick out for lunch?”

“What? Oh yes can we go shopping I would like to pick up a few things to take back home with me.” Lizzy spotting a little shop that looked like what she was looking for and had dropped Ben’s hand.

The morning went by with the two of them in and out of little shops along the beach. When their feet could stand no more and their stomachs cried out for food Ben guided Lizzy to the little place he discovered while on a trip many years back. Lizzy was again taken by the utter beauty of the island. The spot Ben had taken Lizzy was near a waterfall. The bank on which Ben had set out lunch was about three feet above the little lake into which the waterfall flowed, It was surrounded by trees of all shapes and sizes you could just make out a mountain in the distance. Lizzy watched the waterfall lost in thought as Ben laid out the food on a blanket. He had brought salad, sandwiches, some fruit, cut carrots, and to drink iced tea.

“Lizzy time to eat.” Ben called

“Oh it looks lovely thank you for bringing me here.” Lizzy sat next to Ben and grab one of the sandwiches “What's on here?”

“Just ham and cheese. I hope that is okay.” Ben was a little disappointed with himself but after all there was very little time to do this right. He promised himself that once they got back home he would take her on a real picnic.

“It’s great just what I like.” They both ate in silence for awhile enjoying the company and scenery.

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As Ben cleaned up their lunch Lizzy had walked once again towards the beautiful waterfall. “It really is very lovely here.” Lizzy lost her footing she begin to slip “BEN” She screamed as her legs were tossed from out underneath her.

Ben looked up at the sound of Lizzy’s scream just in time to see her go over the edge. Not thinking Ben ran to her. When Ben reached to where she was standing he looked over and found that she had fallen into the small lake at the foot of the water fall. Ben jumped in after her. After he had pulled her to safety he looked for damage. “ Nothing broken and just a bruise from where you hit the bank. I think you will be okay, maybe we should head back to town and see if we can’t get that cut on you leg looked at and bandaged.”

Shivering from the coldness of the water or maybe it was the way Ben looked at her Lizzy could only nod her agreement.

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Ben gathered lizzy in his arms carried her to a near by bench and slowly bent down to examine the cut. “Doesn’t look to bad. Do you think you can walk back to town?”

Lizzy looked down at Ben who was still holding her leg. “You know its funny but I can’t feel a thing.” Which wasn’t exactly true all Lizzy could feel was Ben’s hand on her and she could feel the his arms around her from the short walk to the bench.

Ben looked into Lizzy’s eyes rose up on his knees took her face in his hands and kissed her deep and long. When he pulled away Lizzy was breathless. “You gave me quit a scare please don’t do it again, now think you can make it back to town?”

Lizzy was tired of being taken by surprise and left wanting more by the man but what else could she do. She slowly rose to her feet and followed him back to town. The walk back wasn’t nearly as nice since Lizzy was now starting to feel the effects of her fall but they made it sure enough and Ben lead her strait to a doctor office.

Ben seemed to know the local doctor and got Lizzy right into see him. “Looks like you have had a nasty fall" replied the rather young doctor looking at Lizzy's head and leg. “I don’t think there was any real damage done. Best to take it easy and stay off that leg for awhile.” The doctor then gave Lizzy some medication for the cut and some pain killers for her head.

“Thanks Steve I will make sure she stays off it.” Turning with a smile Ben lead Lizzy back to the boat.

“No damage indeed what does he know” Lizzy cursed under breath now she would never get Ben out of her mind with him glued to her like butter on bread. Yum what a tasty thought, Lizzy smiled to herself as they reach the dock.

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Ben took Lizzy strait to her cabin “We must get you out of those wet cloths.” Ben went up behind Lizzy and ever so slowly begin to unzipped her dress. Ben felt Lizzy tremble as his hands ran down her back gently he kissed the back of her neck. When Lizzy’s dressed slipped to down around her ankles she turned faced Ben. “You are so lovely even with all the bumps and bruises.” Ben took a step toward Lizzy took her face in his hands ever so lightly grazed her lips with his.

Lizzy closed her eyes and placed her arms around Ben willing him to deepen the kiss. She ran her fingers up threw his hair down his back and up into his shirt sliding up over his head.

Ben stared at Lizzy for a moment. “Are you sure this is what you want?” He knew how ridiculous he sounded he stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and hw was second guessing her want.

Lizzy just smiled “ Yes I have never wanted anything more in my whole being.” She pulled Ben close as they tumble onto her bed. A for a long time Lizzy forgot about her mom and he worries. Ben was also lost in the magic of Lizzy and never once thought of that girl back home.

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It was two glorious days of bed rest for Lizzy, Ben had brought her books to read, food to eat and even gave her love she never thought she would have. Worries of her Mother seemed a world away, Lizzy knew that for Ben her Mother was always first when it came to research and spare time. He worked so hard Lizzy fought for a way to repay him.

Ben was falling more and more entranced with Lizzy. He would go to her room following a rather grueling lecture and be amazed with her wanting to know how it went and if there was something she could do to ease his mind. He seldom thought of Amy and hoped she thought little of him, he was going to break it off when he got home. As he lay there watching Lizzy sleep all thoughts of home seemed to disappear.

“Ben Honey do you think on your way back here for lunch you could pick up a pad of paper and some pens? I think I have found the will to write once more.” Lizzy asked smiling.

“I will see what I can find and bring it only if I can read the finished product before it is published.” Ben kissed Lizzy and headed for the door. He was just leaving when Lizzy phone ran.

Lizzy picked up the phone and had turned as white as a sheet. “Yes I understand. You don’t understand, we get back tomorrow. Yes thank you .”

Ben rushed to Lizzy side “What is it? What is wrong?”

“Ben I think you should leave.” Lizzy’s face was hard as stone.

What is it? Talk to me!” Ben was frighten he wasn’t sure who was on the phone or what could create such a change in his angel.

“That was Amy on the phone she just wanted to be sure you got her message. She says her and her Mom will meet you when we dock. Now I think you should leave.” Lizzy turned from Ben before the tears could show.

“Lizzy please don’t do this.” Ben not knowing what to do or how to go about explaining stood up and moved toward the door. Ben took one last look at the lovely woman he had hurt so much and left, knowing he had to make thing right somehow

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