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Gerard Butler GALS

What makes Gerry nervous?

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Posted Image Bailey!!! Well, I don't know about that Moira...he seemed pretty darn nair-vous when he walked into a room full of GALS at the convention...ahhhhh what memories...lol. He said we made him so nair-vous that we sucked the water right out of him :p and his mouth was so dry he couldn't speak until he had some water. But I'm sure he's getting a whole lot more comfortable these days....maybe someday we'll get to put him to the test again :cunning:.



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I think Gerry probably is most nervous when he's about to go on TV because he's usually being interviewed and he's afraid of being caught off guard and saying the wrong things. Actually, I love those moments the best!

Thanks, Bailey!


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Celebs Dish: What makes them nervous

Or in Gerry's case "nair-vous".


Please tell me where your avatar with Gerry in

the short sleve shirt, laughing so naturally

came from. I would love to see this entire


Please PM me because I have a hard time

getting back to the same thread for the


Love him absolutely,


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Love it Bails!

He's cool and composed on the outside but nairvous on the inside....so cute.

You know he doesn't have a filter so he's probably afraid of what he might say LOL


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