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Gerard Butler GALS

Virtual Con 2010: The Gathering Cafe

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Thank you for the live feed! It was an awesome experience! Couldn't take part in the chat once the live started, you are too fast for me, nor could I watch and type at the same time, but I felt content watching both the feed and the chat.

I loved the Holly and Katie shows, but I missed some parts of the Reno speech. Is it available anywhere? I'd like to re-visit it.



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:claphands: for Holly, Stuart and all!!

:ty: for the sweet words, gals!!

It was terrific! The quality was clear and crisp...Holly's working on getting the videos up so that those who missed 'em 'live' can view on Ustream.

I, too, had a problem with signing in, but just for the chat...viewing the feed wasn't a problem, but chat kept booting me off.

I think others had a problem, too, with being 'dumped' from the feed, and for logging in. :unsure:

I'm not sure what time Holly will start the feed for Saturday, but I'm guessing it will be later, as it was tonight - hope to hear from her tomorrow! If we have details, will share as soon as we can!

Thanks to all who participated, we had 29 viewers at one point!

I just posted about the give-away drawing, here showing the items available...I thought folks could say which items they'd like to be entered to win...last year some didn't want the items that they won, and I had to find substitutes! So this year I thought if the choice was open, they could just put their names 'in the hat' for those that they were interested in winning, as few or as many as they'd like! :D

Best to you all...and good night! See you in the morning...but not too early :lol:

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I just finished watching the replay of the evenings events--it was wonderful and so

nice and clear. Hope to watch it live tomorrow night, but I am one who cannot multi-

task so I will probably just be watching the feed and the chat.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who are working so diligently to bring the Convention

to those of us who can only be there in spirit. This is certainly the next best thing

to being there in person.

Hugs to all,


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Hey GALS, according to Holly's tweets, Reno is waaaaaaaaaaay better looking in person! She says he has extraordinary eyes! I asked her if he was gonna be shirtless in his kilt tomorrow nite! Hey...sometimes a girl needs a little visual sexual triggering!


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Good Morning from warm and sunny England ...

I understand that Gerard sent a text message to the ladies in Las Vegas. Is there any chance that the details will be made known here please? The time lapse always makes it difficult to stay and watch the live feeds.

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Now that all the graduations are over and work is done, I can finally participate. I hate when real life gets in the way of playtime!

I'll be at the Virtual Con chat tonight - hopefully it'll work for me. I'll jump over to the other thread and register, Barb.

I just looked at the Ustream real quick and saw what I think is the Gaelic lesson. LOL Very funny. :)

OK see you GALS tonight ... I'm bringing the wine!


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I don't know if anyone would actually ask to see the message on the phone and send it on :lol:

think we'll 'do' with Reno's interpretation for now! :D

when I was watching, it looked to me as if he referred to his phone, but paraphrased what was sent by Gerry -

basically that he loved us, wished he could be with us and that we should have fun.:pointy:

Please take a minute to post in the thread for

Virtual Con: Give-away drawing - Pick your favorites

Videos of yesterday's feeds from Vegas: Gals Ustream channel - Click Here

Be sure to check the 'activity' and 'interest' threads

Gondola! Gondola! Phantom! - Virtual Con Special

Pants!! Virtual Con Special - The Phantom of the Opera

Virtual Con Auction Links: Auction 1: Ger-Bear Basket -Auction 2: Bounty Hunter T-Shirt - Auction 3: The Bounty Hunter Poster

Virtual Con: Gerry Puzzle Fun at your fingertips - New Puzzles Today

Virtual Con Video - "Scotland's Heartbeat" - by engchickie

I Gotta Feeling....Slideshow celebrating 2009 Convention - by becozy

I'll be away for a couple of hours for family errands! Catch you all later!


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I was in chat for a bit last night while Celine did her hysterical gaelic gutter. It was too late to join for the dinner. I think I'm going to have a snooze after Britains Got Talent final tonight and set my alarm for the dinner. Wish I had seen it last night. Well done Holly, Stu and Barb for keeping this all going.


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Mod Squad, I had a wonderful time last night. Ustream is fantastic. The Vegas events were incredible, Reno, Katie and Holly. :goodjob: See y'all tonight! :hearts:


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Hello again ....

I said I'd post one or two character poems ... here are the first two ....

Posted Image


Does he believe the words he says - those words oh so explicit

Is he all he seems to be - quite mysogonistic?

When I "met" Mike I saw right then that he was just like many men

He needed love and tender care to mend a much bruised soul

and that chauvenistic shield was just another role.

Had he been a victim of those wiles which now he taught?

Perhaps - one has to think that this is worth a passing thought.

His perceptions had been coloured about how women might deceive

and so he chose to use those skills on those who would believe.

How ironic then that he should fall for someone quite naive

Who sought his help to snare a man who otherwise might leave

And as he moulded her into the ultimate creation

Something happened to him and he felt utter consternation.

And so our Mike, like many more, succumbed to Cupid's dart

That softer side of his came forth and showed a tender heart.

Whilst seeming so obnoxious and really quite uncouth

Mike was no such thing you see - and that's The Ugly Truth.


Posted Image

Scales of Justice

Vengeance cold and vengeance dire,

Vengeance seething like a fire

Implaccable in execution of his detailed plan

was this clever and demented, sad and lonely man.

He had been so law abiding and placed his faith in that same law

But justice was expedient and his pain forever raw.

Those who had used the system in ways ever more so cynical

Would pay for their own vanity and their lesson would be biblical.

Betrayal lodged within his heart and vengeance in his head

Against those he held responsible and wanted to see dead.

But he would make them pay in many different ways ...

They would feel pain as he'd felt pain at the end of happier days.

The campaign he wrought upon those whom he felt should pay a price

Was devious and clever and meant great sacrifice

By others ... but not he, for he had lost all in the past

He would now exact that justice ... the time was here at last.

The system and its members had let down those he held most dear

His raison d'etre was to give a message loud and clear

That systems should protect us when all is said and done

For those who work within them are our servants ... every one.


I hope that these are o.k. in this thread ... I couldn't think of anywhere else.

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Thanks for sharing those beautiful poems of deep feeling, patsyb! I enjoyed the flow of the words and the themes. :claphands: well done!


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Hey ladies!

Well...this is cool..I watched he video feed last night and am chatting with the girls right now as we wait for all the festivities to begin!

I was fun watching everything...wish I could be there....


Sparty :kiss:

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Thank you for sharing those two great poems. I am going to copy and keep them

with my GB memorabelia!

Hugs to all,


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Patsy! Thank you for the sharing more of your Character Poems!

They are always so clever and enjoyable. :rose:

I'm still awaiting word on opening the auction...

Gerry is going to personalize the items he autographs for the winners!

How cool is that!!

There are other items that I'm waiting to hear back on, too!

Holly just emailed that they hope to broadcast starting at about 8:15 Pacific/11:15 Eastern


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Reno mentioned again tonight that Gerry got him a role in Machine Gun Preacher...

no details, though.


Congrats to Marlene the Executive Director of the Shade Tree and

Holly (heISmyGspot) on receiving

The Rising Phoenix Award presented by The GALS Charitable Foundation!!

The decorations are great! Big highland/castle backdrop for photos...

Reno, Mike in kilts, lots of tartan sashes and all the 'ManDolls' dressed in their finery!!

The tears and laughter are contagious!

We're still streaming 'LIVE' http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gerard-butler-gals

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Gerry just called

he's on the phone now!!

He said he'd match whatever we raise for The Shade Tree Shelter!!

God bless Gerry!!!


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We have 39 viewers!!

Hey to Stef with an F who stopped by

and Curls the friendly pap!! (he did the video of Gerry giving Dayna a shout out!)

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