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Gerard Butler GALS

Are you coming to Vegas?


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  1. 1. What's preventing you from coming to the Con?

    • Nothing could stop me from coming to the Con! I LOVE IT!
    • Economy/Money
    • Distance
    • Health
    • Spouse/Significant other
    • Family and/or other previously planned events
    • I don't know anyone.
    • I'd feel stupid going and my friends/family would tease me.
    • I need more information.
    • I'm just not that into Gerry anymore.
    • Other (please post what that is).

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We (my fiance and I) are still undecided. We want to go, but we just don't see it being feasible right now :( . We are supposed to go to the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh this year for the annual thing they have there, but with gas prices soaring we might not even be able to do that :(.

If anyone is wondering what the EAA AirVenture is here is there website. http://www.airventure.org/

If Gerry could make a solid commitment to going I'd say we'd be on that plane for sure!

If Gerry was going to be there all of us would probably say to heck with money and health and be on the next plane.

I know I could not stand the heat in LV this time of year. It is all I can do to get out in this heat and go to the grocery

store, and Vegas makes NC feel like the North Pole. I have family there and have visited in November and nearly

died years ago before I had all these problems.

I would love to be there, and have been virtually every year since the virtual con started. I sincerely hope we will

have the virtual con again this year for those of us for whatever reason cannot be there physically.

Love you all and hope it is as fantastic a con as always before.

Love him absolutely,


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I would happily be there with you all in Las Vegas (I have never been in the USA yet), but actually I have no passport. :wall: And now I have neither enough money, but this is a problem what I could solve more easily. And I don't know anyone. I hope I will make great acquaintances here, and I can take part in the Convention next time. Have a good time, everyone!

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Don't forget, y'all, that the convention will be on UStream. I participated in that last year and it was real cool. Personally, I got a UStream app on my IPhone that I will be using as well for my own POV on the convention and, likely, Vegas itself and of course the hotel. I'm signed up on UStream under my handle here, eptxgirl3.

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Will there be a notification on the site for the UStream? I know there has been in the

past few years and I have truly enjoyed it. I fully plan to participate again this

year if I can get to it again.

Love all of you and pray for an exciting and happy convention again.


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I am sincerely sorry that, once again, I cannot make it to the one place I would go IF I had the funds - and the time. Posted Image I'm working two part-time jobs to make ends meet and want so much to meet each and every one off you to truly become part of the fold instead of vicariously through this great and valuable message board. Like Shirsan said, if "THE MAN' himself was going to be there, "to heck with money, health..."HECK, I'd walk, run and CRAWL to Vegas (yeah, I know it's like walking into an open furnace, 'cause I've been there. Posted ImageAlas, until my financial (and maybe geographic) and/or geographic situation changes, I'll have to once again live virtually through your live web-cast (are you doing that this year?) or through the meticulous reporting of you wonderful GALS.

Sigh...have I played my violin too long? I LOVE you all. Posted Image

P.S. Any chance that those of us who don't go get to see the video submissions??? Dawne and I would be ever so grateful. Merci encore. Posted Image

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I´m not attending due to distance (I live in Brazil), and specially to money (I´m moving to a new apartment in 2011).

If I was at different moment in my life I´d really love to attend, even being a newcomer to GBGals and not knowing anyone yet. But it wouldn´t be an issue because it´d be great socializing with people who share the same interest: Gerard Butler! I´m sure it would be so much fun.

Anyway, I wish you all who are going to Vegas the best of time! And I keep hoping to able to attend similar events in the near future, and who knows, meet Mr. Butler personally, one day...

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We're planning on having live feeds throughout the weekend, as circumstances in Vegas permit!

Our "Virtual Con' is on the Forum here: 2011 Virtual Con

We'll 'open' the links tomorrow morning! Hope to see you there...drop by as your time permits...

if there's a 'live feed' you can view it (often the 'live' feeds are captured and then replayed) on UStream...easy

to access with scotsmanstuart's directions: Virtual Con 2011 / Ustream Link

Videos submitted for the contest may be viewed on YouTube here: gbgals convention

Remember to Vote for your favorite by tomorrow, June 9th at 6PM US Pacific Time - details here

Hope to see you 'there'!! :pointy:

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