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The ALL NEW 2012 Convention Web Site is currently under construction.

A new section of the site will have Testimonials from YOU our past participants.

So we need your help!

Please take a moment to tell us about your experiences at one of the past Conventions.

Did You.....

Have a fantastic time meeting the GALS and PALS you've chatted with on line?
How was your experience visiting The Shade Tree Shelter?
Was the entertainment fun?
Did you enjoy a few days in Vegas with new found friends from GALS?

Please take a moment to tell us your experience and post below in this thread

or you may send a reply to....


Thank You!

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I look forward to the GALS Charity Convention every year so I can catch up with me girlies (and a few verra brave PALS). Much squealing and hugging is the order of the morning of registration! For the next two days, there is a constant whirl of laughing, drooling over pictures of Gerry, visiting various casinos, seeing shows -- I always like to get there on Wednesday to spend a few extra days doing the sight-seeing thing then buckle down to visiting and gossip and good food once the convention actually starts on Friday. Saturday morning is our time for visiting the Shade Tree Shelter. It is a time of service, doing whatever tasks the Shade Tree staff needs help with - it can be organizing clothing or toy donations, helping serve lunch to the residents, tending the babies while the staff is busy with other jobs, reading to the wee ones and working on art projects with them or planting veggies to help supplement the food requirements for the large population at the Shade Tree. In the back of each GALS' mind is "There for for the Grace of God...."

On both Friday and Saturday, there are raffle tickets on sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the Shade Tree Shelter. Most of the items up for raffle were donated by GALS. Some of the items are so special, they are put up for auction with all the proceeds going to STS. Last year, there was also an auction for special items donated by Sam Childers and the proceeds for that auction went to Angels of East Africa to help support Sam's kids. GALS Charitable Foundation is very near and dear to the hearts of GALS the world over, and I for one am very proud to contribute where I am able.

Gerry is usually too busy to attend the Convention, but that's OK. He knows we are there for him and support him, and he supports us where he can by signing items for the event. We know he is proud of us and what we do for charity.

There are big plans afoot for the 2012 Convention and it's gonna be awesome. Start saving your pennies! If your are flying, keep an eye out for special rates. Dates and plans will be announced soon. Stay tuned and as we say in Texas, "Y'all come on down!" See you next year!

Waiting with HUGS,


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There is nothing I look forward to more than my annual trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our love of Gerry and to raise money for the Shade Tree. It is an opportunity to meet up with old friends, dress up a little if you want to, dance your butt off and be thoroughly entertained by each year's special guest (in addition to our own Songbird, Katie). Visiting the Shade Tree to help out for a few hours on Saturday is a very special part of the weekend for me as well. If you have never been, I strongly encourage you to join us this year if you are able. You'll be so glad that you did!

Group hug


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I look forward to the Convention every year! I’ve made so many wonderful friendships there, and each year I make more! It’s like nothing else I’ve ever been associated with; being with my sisters who all "get" what this “Gerry business” is about! I start planning for the next year while on the plane home!

I love the time spent at “The Shade Tree” too, and am happy to be able to help out for a few hours. I wish I could do more!

I know some people hesitate to attend because they say it’s expensive and Gerry won’t be there anyway. I don’t go hoping to see Gerry, I go to see my friends and help raise money for “The Shade Tree” and “Angels of East Africa,” or whatever worthy cause the GALS Foundation chooses to support. If I happen to bring home some really cool prizes from the auction and raffle, so much the better.


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Not worth the amount of money one has to put out to attend. Convention is more about raising money for the charity, than it's about Gerard Butler the actor. A number of those that do attend, do come back again, but there are some that don't. Everyone should go at least once & make their own decision. The convention isn't for everyone. One piece of advice I would give is to attend with someone or have an agenda in place. There are cliques and groups of people that just interact with each other. The hotel is of good quality. The tram gives one easy access to other parts of the Vegas strip. The food at the dinners is good. Auction items donated are varied & there's something for everyone.

If you choose to go, enjoy yourself. If you choose not to attend, don't feel as if you are missing out. The virtual convention is fun & quite enjoyable, plus you still have the opportunity to donate to the charity & get in on auction items that are exclusive to the virtual convention.

Thanks Admins & Mods for allowing me to voice my opinion, even though it doesn't match those previously given. There are always two sides to a story.

Miss S

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Thanks for your input Miss S!

We do strive to include ALL in ALL the activities during the convention. I understand that attending the convention, and what you get out of it is entirely up to the individual. I'm sorry your experience fell short of your expectations. Thank you so much for your input!


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The first vacation time I request every year is for the days I will need for the convention. I've been to every one and it has evolved over the years from being abut 90% Gerry-centric to being maybe 50% Gerry-centric and 50% charity-centric, but with generous doses of Gerry deliciousness throughout - from the loop of gorgeous Gerry pictures up on the screen during our time in the ballroom to the majority of the items that are raffled or auctioned. I find the balance makes it very easy for me to justify spending about a week every year in Las Vegas, without my husband. I love the time we spend at The Shade Tree too, and since I live in California I try to make visits there 2 or 3 times a year between conventions. There is so much to do in Las Vegas too, from shows to enjoying the sights and sounds of the Strip or the Fremont Street Experience or hanging out at the pool (oh, and gambling too for those so inclined!)

I've loved our entertainers every year but I have to say that this year with Allan Scott-Douglas was the BEST by far - he was such a great sport, hung out with us even on his time off, and being a tall, handsome, fun, kilted Scotsman who can sing is a PAIRFECT combination in my book. Plus I always look forward to seeing the decor of the ballroom on the night of the gala, how the theme of the year is interpreted - it is indeed special.

Here's my favorite recipe for fun and fullfillment:

Mix a handful of good times in the adult Disneyland of Las Vegas

Fold in a few opportunities to learn something new (at the workshops)

Stir in a cup of human kindness to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate

Add a generous portion of hot Scotness in varied forms

Sprinkle liberally with like minded friends, old and new

Bake in the Las Vegas sun then cool in the pool, or the air conditioned hotel

And you should leave feeling warm and gooey on the inside and wearing a smile on the outside!

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I look forward to attending convention each year. It has been my privledge to meet some wonderful GALS from all over the United States. When I first started on Gals, we use to chat quite a bit and it was so great to finally meet many of the ladies in person. We all have a special bond....Gerry of course. But, Vegas for me is not about hoping Gerry will grace us with his presence....it's about catching up with the people I get to see once a year. Spending time with people who come from all walks of life and enjoy our short time together.

Helping out at the Shade Tree has been a rewarding experiance. We as women, can see how important it is to work to raise money for such a noble cause. Many of us are so fortunate that we have happy and non abusive relatioships....but many woman don't. Yes, we do raise money for our cause.....but what better way to do it then with our Gerry raffles.

Deetz and I began our yearly treck to Vegas five years ago....not knowing what was in store for us. We left our hubbies home and began what has become our yearly Gals vacation...LOL. 2012 will be our 6th convention (I think it's the sixth one...hey I'm getting older) and we look forward to it with so much anticipation.

My experiance has been a positve one and I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces as well as meeting new gals. PS....I just love my Gerry UGGS that I won at my first convention!


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Every year I plan on the Convention as my yearly reunion. The first time I went I was all alone and a little scared. I didn't know anyone, but that changed fast! Dayna and Jenny were so welcoming and all the girls became fast friends. Each year after that I have met more and more gals. Each one with a unique story about how they came to "adore" Gerard Butler and how they came to LV. The friendships keep growing and the Fanmily is wonderful. I think for some reason, we are all brought together for some reason.

The Shade Tree is a wonderful charity to be a part of. When you go and visit and see the beautiful children and the strength the mothers have to want to go and change their life it's humbling. I'm glad to spend the few hours we do there.

All I can say is if you want to meet some great gals and enjoy a weekend with laughter, dancing, and support a great cause, you should plan on going. We owe it all to Gerry for bringing us together but now we take it from there- we grow in each others presence, are there when we are blue or just need a friend. Whether it's praying, laughing, talking or "bitching" LOL, we have grown to love each other. GB Gals is a great part of my life and I would hate for anyone to miss out of the experience.

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I look forward every year to the annual convention. Not just to get some much needed rest, but to see all my girls that I miss throughout the year. Each year has gotten better and better. Being able to share these experiences with all my old and new friends is truly worth it.

I truly enjoy the large parties on Friday and Saturday night, where everyone not only dresses, but participation in the open auction in the most hilarious ways. The laughter and the tears, truly bring each of us together as a family.

Being able to attend the Shade tree, is one my most important trip of the convention. I love being able to help anyone in need and helping Marlene with what ever needs to be done truly cleans your soul.

The convention weekend is a great way to meet new people, cleansing your soul and just having a great time.

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