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Gerard Butler GALS

11/7 - Interview: Gerard Butler, actor


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Interview: Gerard Butler, actor

For a long time Gerard Butler was floundering, trying to find his way in life. But acting proved his salvation.

G erard BUTLER is remembering the good old days. And the bad ones. “I had a fantastic mother – very strong, powerful, loving,” he says. A single parent, Margaret Butler raised the future actor and his two older siblings in Paisley after his father Edward left when Gerard was two. Edward reappeared when Butler was 16. Father and son began reconciling, but when Butler was 22, Edward was diagnosed with terminal cancer. “She did such an amazing job bringing us up,” he continues. “But at the same time it was a weird upbringing.

“We weren’t brought up with a lot of money. But I always thought there was an elegant class to my mum. We lived in a neighbourhood that didn’t feel like it had much of that. There were a lot of tough kids who didn’t seem to live by any rules or respect. And that [brought out] the other side of my mum – she was an absolute lion. She was not scared of anybody.”

These days, Mrs Butler lives in Highland Perthshire. Her house is situated on a parcel of land bought by her son with some of the millions of dollars he has made from films such as 300, PS I Love You, that one with Jennifer Aniston and that one with Katherine Heigl. A few of his films – the romcoms especially – might be rather forgettable. But they have made an awful lot of money at the box office, and turned the former apprentice lawyer into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

True to portfolio-swelling, A-lister form, Butler has his own financial holding company, Comrie Inc, named after the picturesque, sleepy town where his mum now lives. But back in the Butlers’ hard-scrabble Renfrewshire of the 1970s and early 1980s, she would face off thugs who were chucking stones at their windows. “I was so proud of her, if you like, Leonidas attitude,” the 41-year-old says, likening his mum to the muscle-bound warrior he played in 2007’s 300, the daftly gripping and grippingly daft fantasy epic that catapulted him to stardom. “She would stick by principles and not let it go. If people were doing wrong she’d stand up.”

Her son, by his own admission, was a bit wobblier on his own two feet. As a lad, he was in trouble with the police a few times, “as you do, for smashing windows or something”. On one occasion, a senior police officer threatened him with jail. His lioness mum, outraged at the over-reaction, duly phoned the local chief inspector and had him visit the Butlers’ house to apologise to her son.

Read Entire Article HERE

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Fascinating article.

Can any Scottish posters enlighten me on the qualifications he received. I am English so appreciate that the Scottish education system is different. I gather that Highers which he gained were the equivalent of the O and A level of the 80's so he got (as I read it) 5 A Levels. No idea what a SYS either.

Hope you can help.


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What a GREAT interview. I love learning about his MUM and sibblings. I would dearly love to

know his mum's birth date. Not the year, just the month and day. She almost sounds like another

Scorpio or a Pisces. Both defend their young with their lives, literally.

This was a very enlightening interview, and so open. He is such a sweet spirit.

Love him absolutely,


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I'm more intrigued by the fact that he has his own holding company, now! Posted Image

Oh, to put money where that beautiful, full, lush mouth is... :mouthmaul:

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That was a very nice article :D. Thanks for sharing it. It's so refreshing when a grown man speaks so highly of his mum.

I love his sense of humor. He always has something silly to say and that makes (most) people feel comfortable.

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Dear Cheryl,


for sharing this interview...I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and think it is wonderful how he mentions his Mum so frequently. I had a little feeling that Gerry was a wee bit shy; he's just so down to earth and absolutely adorable :ohbaby:!! I ALWAYS love learning more about him, and really appreciate the way you keep us informed! As the other GALS said, it was nice to hear him "open up" a bit. It has to be difficult for someone so much in the public eye to keep their private life, private, but I still hope he shares more with us in the future ('cause we're special)...


Kathy G.

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Such a great article. I really love it when Gerry opens up a bit. I hope that when my sons are older they speak of me with as much love and respect as Gerry has for Margaret. :wuv:



The article was soooo interesting. I agree, we have three grown sons, all married and one grown daughter, also married all with their own children and responsibilities....if they say wonderful things like Gerry does about his mom, Margaret, that surely will make my hubby and I very happy...indeed!

Gerry B. has come a long way since we saw him in Phantom of the Opera. He has always been a wonderful actor. If you haven't seen, ONE MORE KISS and Dear Frankie, and the series THE JURY, don't miss them...they are older, but oh so well acted....Can hardly wait to see his newer movies, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher...We are on the Amazon.com list to be notified when they become DVDs....can hardly wait. Donna Jean and George and clan :pointy::music: Last June l3 a wee little girl was added to our youngest son's family, so now we are blessed with 5 grandchildren of all ages... :tantrum:

Edited by Donna Jean
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