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Gerard Butler GALS

Films he did not make

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Actually, an animated Gerry does appear in the final cut of Watchmen. His part part is intercut as as "Tales of the Black Freighter".


I know suzie but it was also planned to be filmed live action with a 25mio$ extra budget. of course imposssible taht the company agreed. kinda sad but thats life.

He was also up for a part in the final film before he got this BLACK FREIGHTER. but i do not know which one. In the end he did not do it anyway.

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I believe he was attached at one point to play Laurent in Therese Raquin, which seems to have gotten new life recently.

He has said he turned down a role in Sherlock Holmes, which I believe was the part of Watson.


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I could be totally wrong about this, but I could have sworn I heard Gerry say in an interview once that he was asked to play a role in one of the remakes of The Poseidon Adventure but turned it down. There seemed to be two of them out about the same time, one called "The Poseidon Adventure" just like the original and just "Poseidon".

I saw part of the one with Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfus and Emma Rossum on TV but never the other one.


Sorry, Pothos, we were on the same wave length there!

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