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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerard Butler accepting Will Ferrell`s Award at Soccer Aid

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He is so charming, even after being pulled out of the shower. How precious can anyone be?

He played so hard and was soaking wet when he came of the field.

I wish they had won, they all played so hard. I thought the England team played way to rough

for a charity game. Gerry went down hard and Gordon Ramsey was carried off the field. If Gerry

weren't as strong as he is he would have had to be carried off as well. That was just uncalled

for in a charity game. It was like they targeted Gerry and Gordon, probably jealous of their fame.

They were probably afraid to tackle James McAvoy and Michael Sheen, they are so much smaller

than Gerry and Gordon. I was really disappointed in their attitude.

I know Gerry is to sweet and kind, but I would have loved to see him take the one down that

took him down. It was just bad sportsmanship on England's behalf. It was like they didn't think

they could win unless they hurt some of the ROW team.

Love him absolutely,


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Can I state that I was shocked at how physical the game got considering the game was a charity matchgame. Keane, Ferril were hurt and Ramsey was sent to hospital and how Michael Sheen was still able to walk after the amount of tackles he had to take was shocking. Got to the point where I was pleased Gerard was stopping his runs and not getting kicked.

Other channels on Monday were saying they thought that the tackle on Ramsey should have been a at least a booking and easily a sending off.

What annoyed me was that how will this event attract other people to particpate in a CHARITY match if they might end up been sent to hospital. I actually felt embarrassed to be English that they were prepared to use professional tackles on charity level players. Sorry I thought they were annoyed they were behind at half time and were prepared to do anything to win.

Took the shine of the whole event for me.

Best gerard moment was Serge getting ready for the cross into Gerard in the box; sadly he was offside but Gerard would have easily scored.


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How long was Gerry in the game?


I think that it was around the 87 min mark when Woody Harrelson replaced him. Those men on ROW team really showed us some moves!! Not that I doubted any of them; but WOW!! They were the true winners of the game :D I do agree that England was a little rough for a charity game! my Hats off to those on ROW team; all of their hard work and perseverance truly paid off Posted Image

LOTS of Hugs!


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