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Gerard Butler GALS

6/20 -Shout out From Sam Childers & Dito for GBGALS!

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God bless them! As a GAL, I'm so honored (and THRILLED) by the shout-out! What an extraordinary weekend we had at this year's convention!

For those interested, the iTunes download Dito talked about is here. As he said, Aaron Hendra Project is donating all proceeds from the $0.99 download of "One Man's War" to AOEA. In addition to the most worthy cause, Aaron Hendra Project ROCKS!! (AHP's CD release will be July 10th and I can assure you, gbGALS will be in that number!) :pointy:


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#cosign Holly!!!

It was such a privilege to have such amazing guests at this years con.

Aaron's carreer is surely going to skyrocket and that just gives me goosebumps to think that he performed for us :pointy:He's an amazing talent!


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How truly awesome. They were all such amazing people and spending the weekend talking, listening and being able to share, truly touched my heart. This song is amazing (thanks Aaron, you rock!!). Download this song, you will be glad you did. I will never forget.
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It was a "God Thing" ...

Thank you so very much Sam for all that you do for "the kids" and thank you for making this years convention so special. God has truly used you in so many ways and in so many lives (along with Dito, Lynn and Michelle). It was such an honor to get to spend time with all of you.



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I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the world sees what great artists Aaron and GiGi are and that they are blessed with the recognition they deserve. God has sent both Sam and Aaron to us because he knows we can offer the support needed to their careers and causes.

If you have not heard this great music or seen MGP, now is your chance to do both.

Oh and I got a Facebook message from Aaron ( as I'm sure many did) thanking me for the support, I plan on pimping his butt all over the net whose with me? Get your pimp swagger on...

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