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8/23 - Butler Gets Us Excited for "Thunder Run"

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Remember last year when Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey signed up for that CG 3D Iraq War action movie, "Thunder Run"? It was initially billed as the "first-ever conventional war film made to utilize this revolutionary facial and motion capture technology and state of the art CG and 3D," and according to Butler himself, it's as nutty as it sounds. But nutty-awesome, not actually nutty.

"It's a crazy project. I've read a few war movies. I've read a few action movies, and this may be the best war movie I ever read," Butler told MTV News recently when we caught up with him for his surfing drama "Chasing Mavericks".

Butler went on to say that he was blown away by the script and the pre-vis reel he saw before signing on. "It is, when I saw the pre-vis package that they did, the same [kind of pre-vis package] as they did for '300,'" he said. "They showed me this piece that they put together that was like a one and a half-minute piece. I'd never seen anything like it. It's going to be breaking new ground in making movies, and thank God on top of that it was a great script."

That script, written by Ken Nolan of "Black Hawk Down," tells a more multi-dimensional story than a typical war movie. "It's a better script than that even ['Black Hawk Down']," Butler said. "It's so tight. When you jump into this story you are in those tanks with those guys rolling it. And you're also with the families in Iraq. You're really on both sides of the fence, and you understand the journeys of the Iraqis and the Americans. The Americans aren't just gung-ho. It's a bunch of kids who've never seen war up close before."

"Thunder Run" is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent David Zucchino's non-fiction book "Thunder Run - The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad," and will be directed by "Expendables 2" helmer Simon West.


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It's cool to see his excitement about this. It sounds very good.

And wow, in 3D? I only hope they will only elude to the gruesome parts and not show everything. I have to look away during some of Gerry's movies.

Does anyone know when this is slated to film and come out?

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If anyone can sell a movie it is Gerry.

Can't wait for any of his projects. He throws himself in 100%.

Two this year and maybe Thunder Run next year and maybe another.

Keep them coming, Gerry. I'll always be in a theater seat if you are

on the screen.

Love him absolutely,


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Yes, I'm already excited about any new movie projects!!!!! Way to go Gerard!!!!! He's such a very good and very talented actor!!!!!! Good job, high Five!!!!!!


:tantrum: I agree anything Gerry Butler is in, I will buy for ourselves and for gifts. We just are soooo anxious to see him in SOMETHING...Sad that he seems to have disappeared for such a long time. So whatever he makes we will go see it or buy it...Wishing him tons of good luck. We agree he is an excellent actor. sooooo...... talented, so make something that we FANS can enjoy...pleaseeeeeeee. hugs :tantrum:\

Donna Jean (Bonnie Donna Jean and clan)

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:detect: My best "war" movie to date was the "Hurt Locker" which won awards over her husband's movie "Avatar"...didn't like "Avatar"...loved "Hurt Locker"...I just hope that Gerry has the authentic hair cut for Military gig...just loved his cut in Dear Frankie and Tomb Raider!
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