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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry arriving for GMA

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They're nice. He gave a good interview. Look forward to him tonight, if my alarm can wake me.

Couldn't help notice the crowd behind him were more into themselves and being seen on the monitor? Ah, that's new. Thought that odd, very. My worst nightmare is rent-a-fans for his premieres especially with the antics of this summer that have touched everyone in some way and distanced, angered or turned off so many (JMO).


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I think the crowd was aware of Taylor Swift and didn't notice Gerry. They may not have

known that Gerry was going to be there.

I think he moved through the crowd with not much hassle, which I'm sure he was glad of.

Also, he could have arrived a little late and didn't have time to stop and talk and his

guardian( the big black man) may have told them that before he got there. Who is he


Did anyone get any photos of him coming out?

Love him absolutely,


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