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Gerard Butler GALS

11/5- Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

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Gerard Butler: See Ya Later, L.A.!

Gerard Butler heads down an escalator at LAX Airport on Monday (November 5) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor was joined by a female ( his assistant) who carried a large piece of luggage down to the bottom floor.

ast week, Gerard was spotted headed through JFK Airport in New York City, taking a flight out of town. Gerard‘s surfing flick, Chasing Mavericks, is currently playing in theaters around the country. Be sure to check it out while it’s still out!

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Wow, what a different a year makes. I thought people would be talking about his (possible) hospital wristband? My guess is he's been cleared for filming (Thunder Run) and travel abroad (to the mid-east).

He's a pensive "temple hands" picture that could simply be his spotting the paps and deciding to be cool about it.

Really sorry about the lack of traffic here these days, but it is about the same at all fan sites. Even IMDb is dead. Just Jared is alive but low in "numbers" too with just a few moniker-changing die-hard posters.


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That better be a hospital bracelet...otherwise I'd make him carry his own luggage! :funnyface:

He is so freakin' hot! Dahyum!

Maybe it's her luggage. I guarantee when I travel w/ coworkers, no one carries my bags.


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What I find so intriguing is he leaves it on. It's as if he's sending a message to someone? Okay, that's a bit over-the-top as he most likely forgot to remove it for the entire trip being photographed in it even in First Class? I find it odd, but then so is he... in a good way.

Did anyone see the October 23, 2012 Chasing Mavericks photo shoot? Wow, if faces could speak, and they do, his would say a lot.

For some reason, and I think this could be a bit of his "problem" (in quotes for a reason), is that when still, when calm, he appears far more, ah, mature? What? Focused? Intelligent? Together? Than in video where he's a :pointy: :pointy: jumping bean?

Really hope Playing For Keeps is better received than his surfing movie. I wished they'd kept the in-house out-door posters the same as the big wave. It's a small detail, but people who saw that HUGE banner in NYC and everywhere wander into the theater and don't see it on the marquee? Nuts! :doh:

Must admit I grew fond of his longer locks and miss them.

Feel whether he'd admit it or not, or his 'people' would either, the pranks of this summer by a certain someone cost him dearly. Think this is what I see in the CM 10/23 set of pictures.


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