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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry in Scotland Nov. 2012

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Posted Image <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Gerard Butler and my cousin at his wedding <a href="http://t.co/uUzLPSzB" title="http://twitter.com/xRocAFella/status/267605903681937408/photo/1">twitter.com/xRocAFella/sta…</a></p>— Lucia Fella (@xRocAFella) <a href="https://twitter.com/xRocAFella/status/267605903681937408" data-datetime="2012-11-11T12:33:14+00:00">November 11, 2012</a></blockquote>

at the tweeter's cousin's wedding ;)

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Photos taken after a Rugby game in Scotland.

Posted Image Edge taken off the result by meeting Gerard Butler! pic.twitter.com/nsQBUUUX

Posted Imagecoryjane1080 Photo with gerard butler at the aftermatch.. #RealNiceDownToEarthGuy

Posted Image timbovisser Newest Scotland rugby fan!

Posted Image piriweepu1049 Very humble to meet a star like Gerard Butler... #StarStruck #TheMan

Posted Image Liam Messam@LiamMessam Spartaaaaaaaans Gerard Butler Aish Aish Aish pic.twitter.com/w6jJgdK9

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Holy crap, this tweeting stuff is awesome! That's Gerry from today! I have enjoyed seeing all these types of pictures for the last few months, but I feel like a bit of a stalker! Louisiana restaurants and shops, NYC lunches, bike rides, Canada, South Carolina sporting goods store, South of France with his lady, airports, Dubai and now I get to follow his day through Scotland. That would creep me out! But lawd ain't he pretty!

Anyway, one more quick gander at these photos then onto real life (with no cameras peering at me, thank god!)

Enjoy your trip Gerry! And your birthday with your family I assume! (Hopefully your mum won't make you scrub the floor. At least on Tuesday!:p)

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1.40am? em, does the boy ever sleep? i'd love to meet the man... and fall over as i try to get a picture. that'd be my luck... with my severe anxiety disorder. :-/ ... and one of those pics in the gallery somewhere... (the kinda gangster "peace", can't think of the right/correct gesture name...) em, this may be in my alternative universe but, the other guy has a "war" sign instead of "peace"... i figure to point that out. it's random and stuff but yea........

mio... this makes me skip thousands of heartbeats and wish a million times to see GerGer a trillion times in one day.... ops, fantasy. but yeah... that's the way i feels.


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