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Gerard Butler GALS

ENDED: B & G Banner Challenge!

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*EDIT* Voting will take place on Friday, August 26th.

Please remember to vote for your favorite animated and non-animated banner.

Thanks! :D


GALS! That's today! Please vote!


This is the link to the web site! Please take a look!


Beowulf & Grendel Banner Challenge

hosted by GerardButler.Net


Beowulf & Grendel will soon be holding its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

In support of the film, we want to help get the word out about this unique film starring GERARD BUTLER , STELLAN SKARSGÅRD , SARAH POLLEY, INGVAR E. SIGURDSSON, STEINUNN OLINA, TONY CURRAN, RORY McCANN, RONAN VIBERT, MARTIN DELANEY and many more.

Recognizing that there are many talented graphic artists out there, we are conducting a Banner Challenge to create banners to be used by fans to promote this film on websites and forums that have users that would love to see this film as it tells its epic story. This contest is open to fans of ALL the actors and the story itself. No membership is required in any website or forum to participate. Below are the guidelines for the creation and submission of the banners:

1. There will be two categories: animated and non-animated, with two sizes in each category:


Animated GIF or SWF - 120 x 300

Amimated GIF or SWF - 300 x 100


Non-Animated JPG or GIF - 120 x 300

Non-Animated JPG or GIF - 300 x 100

Animated banners must be in GIF or SWF format and be no larger than 100K for GIF 30K for SWF in both categories.

Non-animated banners must be in JPG or GIF format and must be no larger than 60K for JPG or 40K for GIF.

2. Images for banners may ONLY be obtained from this link. All images are the property of beowulfandgrendel.com and should only be used in connection with this challenge unless you receive written permission from the Beowulf webmaster.

3. The following MUST appear on the banners:

Beowulf & Grendel

www.beowulfandgrendel.com or beowulfandgrendel.com

3. Any of the following taglines/information can also be incorporated into the banners:

An epic medieval adventure

Heads Will Roll

Coming Soon

The legendary epic comes to life

A warrior battles monsters of myth and mind

A tale of vengence, loyalty, mercy and secrets.

4. You may include members of the cast in the banners. They MUST follow the order that appears on the official Beowulf and Grendel website. Click here for the list. Example: You cannot include Gerard Butler and Sarah Polley unless you also include Stellan Skarsgard between them.

Below are some examples (although these have other images from the official website and do not meet size requirements):

(look for examples on web page)

All entries must be submitted by August 18. Click here to send in your entry.

The top ten from each category will be chosen by the official Beowulf & Grendel website staff. A voting poll will then be posted for fans to vote on their top five favorites in each category. Voting will begin on August 23 and end on August 30. Those banners will then be freely distributed to fans to use on their favorite websites and forums to spread the word about this terrific film!

The overall winners in each category (2 winners total), based on number of votes, will receive

tickets to the BEOWULF & GRENDEL World Premiere Party*

All other winners will be acknowledged for their talent and creative contribution to help in generating interest in the film across the internet.

* (Party will be held during the Toronto International Film Festival in September) (Prize includes admission to the party only)

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Hi Gals!

Voting will take place on August 26th!

I entered the non-animated 300 x 100 banner challenge.

Did anyone else enter?

Good Luck!

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I will vote for every GALS whose banner is in the competition. You just have to tell me where and which number.

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I will vote for every GALS whose banner is in the competition. You just have to tell me where and which number.

Aaaawwwwww! sofietje that's so nice!

But wouldn't that be considered cheating?

*runs to find out what number I am*

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Hey, the world keeps spinning because of cheating. And if a GALS wins then we have a juicy story after it.

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Ok, I need to vent. Why did they even hold this darned contest if they don't have time to follow through with their rules? Some of the entries are not even done according to the the size, picture, and other requirements - yet now they're still eligible because the admin over there said,

"Yes, it's going to be a mess, but rather YOU than US!!! The people behind the production are way too busy these days to narrow down the selection, and no one wanted the burden of having to tell more than 100 hard core fans that they had eliminated their banners (note: 113 submitted in one category). So, it's up to you. You are going to have to vote between all the submitted banners. You have until September 2nd to do so."

I worked my freaking arse off making my entries, I know it was silly of me, but I wanted to see what I could accomplish and have a fair shot of winning. Ok, enough ranting about something so stupid, my apologies... I'm running on a major lack of sleep. Forgive me GALS

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Since I haven't seen anything saying that people can't tell their friends/websites which banners are theirs (and I have seen a person on GB.net give her entry #) I think it would be great to know which of the banners were submitted by our GALS. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself then I'd be glad to tell them which ones are yours, Stef (thanks to Dr. Em I know). But I don't know which ones might have been submitted by other GALS. Since there are so many amazing entries and it is really hard to choose I would like to know that my support goes to people I know and care about.

BTW a big hint - in the non-animated 300x100 category if you pick the GALS favorite number (think of the number of floors we want our support center to end up with) you will be picking one of Stef's entries.

And Stef I certainly understand your extreme frustration when you put so much time and effort into following the rules and then some entries that should have been disqualified are still there competing with those who did follow the rules. :argue:

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Hi Everyone!

ok....I entered the non-animated 300 x 100

I'm number 100.

Plain I know.....being a newbee at it I couldn't figure out how to use all the effects.

I just wanted to get my bum in there and enter.

Good luck to all the GALS who entered!

*PS* I will be going to the Toronto Film Festival also for the B&G premeire!

Stef please post your entry numbers...I really would like a GAL to win!!!!!

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Suzanne! Love your entry - that pic of Beo-Gerry sure is tasty :lick3:

Ok, here's mine - the number refers to the digits below the pic:

Non-Animated 300 x 100 is #69 (HEHE)

Non-Animated 120 x 300 is #35

Animated 300 x 100 is #26

Animated 120 x 300 is #16

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I just voted this way

Animated : two of Stef (and I really liked them)

Non animated : 300 x100 = Zanyzombie

120 X 300 = #1 ( from Dawn Mactartsin , our award winning girl for all of her spanks)

My votes went to the ones of GALS. I know you guys and would be great if a GAL could win. I know she would put her story here on the board.

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Okay, gotta add my self in here, I did enter, and as Sofie said, my banner in the

non animated 120 x 300 is # 1

I would tell you the other one, but it's hideous.

If you like mine, I would appreciate any vote, especially as I live in Toronto and will definitely use the tickets for the after party. And of course report back afterwards, with ALL the juicy details. :drool: :celeb:

I agree with Stef though, we worked to stay within format, and it said only banners comforming would be entered, really bites huh?

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We like to support our GALS. Thanks for giving the numbers. It works so that we can vote for each of you.

I thought all your banners were very good.

Good Luck!!

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Thanks nade, every one counts. I'm glad it worked out that we can all get a vote. and I'm glad you liked the banners, all of them, as for mine, it's the first one I ever made, :blush:

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Am I stupid? When ever I click on the link I can't find the stupid bloody banners.

Sarah your not stupid by all means! Try this one.


This link takes you to the B&G HOME PAGE

below the enormous pic is a litttle bitty ENTER

click it

then on the left side of the page you will see "VOTE"

click it

It will take you to the page where you can view the banners and/or vote.


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Thanks - but I still can't get it!

This is the page I get when I enter the site. Where's the vote button?????? grr. I am starting to :fou:

Posted Image

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