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4/21/13 - Hollywood calls Ete

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Possibly this is relative to NaNai'a: Legend of the Dolphisn:


Igelese Ete, Head of Performing Arts at the University of the South Pacific Suva Campus/Oceania Centre for Arts Culture & Pacific Studies, was last week in Hollywood USA, for urgent creative meetings with independent Hollywood Director Jonathon Kay to assess how much music he would need to compose in the next four weeks to salvage a new Dolphins movie featuring elite Hollywood A-list actors like Gerard Butler who recently released his Olympus Has Fallen, Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act) , Oscar winner Kate Winslett (Titanic), James Franco (Spiderman) Megan Fox (Transformers), who gave their voices for the movie.

As part of its service to the global Creative Arts & Environmental community, the University of the South Pacific answered the SOS call and sent Ete last week to meet with the director to assist by 'spotting' the movie which basically means looking at all the scenes that requires new original music.

Ete was recommended by Oscar award winning composer, Howard Shore, who Ete worked with on Lord of the Rings soundtrack' three years ago, to compose for a couple of the scenes for the Dolphins movie.

Director, Jonathon Kay, was so impressed that he decided to use that music for the current trailer.

He felt that Ete was the only one who could inject some 'inspirational music to match the A-List actors' voiceovers and the amazing dolphin footage shot in eight locations around the world.

Ete said he was "very grateful to the University of the South Pacific's Dr Akanisi Keydrayate, Dean of Faculty Arts, Law Education and Vice-Chancellor/President, Professor Rajesh Chandra, for their foresight in sending him over.

"The invitation and call arrived on Friday, USP graduation day, and then I was called to the Dean's office that afternoon. She told me the request and exciting news, and the following day, I was on Air Pacific en route to LA, Hollywood, so it all happened very fast," said Ete.

It's a big step towards the right direction for the Performing Arts at USP, and something that Ete has always felt would be productive for all our creative artists, as artists will be able to build positive relationships and alliances with overseas companies, art institutions, organisations. The direct contact will hugely benefit our talented actors, musicians, dancers, visual artists, sound engineers and so forth.

The film fantasy/documentary is described as "an amazing, awe-inspiring, all-ages, and true-life documentary unfolding a story of legendary proportions.

Experience an adventure like no other on the planet - a spectacular journey under the sea capturing the incredible beauty and staggering you-are-there drama of the dolphins…discover their power, their message to humanity, and the importance of their survival in this larger than life adventure through the oceans eight corners of the Earth"

This will involve Ete scoring music for about 10 to 14 scenes or what they call 'cues' in the movie industry, which is worth about 50 minutes, which is a vast amount in the music world, especially in the space of four weeks, which has to be at the highest level possible.

Ete says "it's going to be a huge challenge but I'm excited about it as it will push me to another level".

Whilst in Hollywood, Ete met up with well known Hollywood actor Owen Wilson (Cars, Mamaduke, Shanghai Noon, Marley & Me), who was the last actor to record for the movie.

"(I) just loved the way he was able to focus on the job at hand, deliver top quality, almost immediately, and more so he was very humble and easygoing. (It's ) always great to make connections with people of that calibre," Ete said.

In return, Ete is contemplating having a red carpet premiere in Suva next year, and hoping to bring in some of the creative team and featured Hollywood celebrities — basically bringing Hollywood over to Suva, and of course USP will be credited and acknowledged in the picture.

"It's crucial that we create a creative industry where the world comes to us whether it be Hollywood, Bollywood, to create a powerful infrastructure for all our talented, gifted, creative artists in Fiji and the pacific. It's about creating an industry where the world can come to us. And that's something I learnt from working with Peter Jackson — that he brings all the production houses around the world to his door. His message is, 'if you want us, you come to New Zealand'.

"He makes lots of money for people in New Zealand, brings jobs to the region, and creates products for overseas and economic investment, so in the same vein why can't we in the Fiji and pacific build towards that.

"Its starting to happen with the various films from Bollywood, Hollywood. And this is definitely a step toward that direction, so long as we maintain our Cultural Intellectual Property and of course our integrity," said Ete.

Ete is also happy that the movie addresses relevant environmental issues about the protection of our marine inhabitants and environment, "as we well know we in the pacific are the ones that are feeling the repercussions of this neglect. Climate change is our reality and we need to send a message to the world through creative mediums about sustainable development, he said.

The movie is said to be released around February 2014.

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