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Where To Watch The White House Correspondents’ Dinner 4/27

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Source: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/where-to-watch-the-white-house-correspondents-dinner_b177163#.UXsMd0hdAqQ.twitter

Saturday evening the White House Correspondents’ Dinner will be held in Washington DC. As has become de rigueur, the dinner and speeches will be televised on cable news. White House Correspondents’ Association chief and Fox News correspondent Ed Henry will speak, as will President Obama and this year’s comedic guest, Conan O’Brien.

C-SPAN, which was covering the dinner live before it was cool, will kick off coverage at 6:15 PM Saturday with red carpet coverage, as well as full, unedited coverage of the event. C-SPAN will also have some liveshots from BuzzFeed’s counter-programmed BBQ.

CNN is planning live coverage from 9-11 PM, hosted by Don Lemon, along with Brianna Keilar and Nischelle Turner. The first hour will feature “best of” moments from past dinners, with the second hour featuring the key speeches live. There will also be reports from the red carpet during the 6-7 PM hour.

Fox News will be covering the proceedings as part of “Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro” from 9-11 PM Saturday. There will be some guests to talk about the festivities, and live coverage of the speeches in the 10 PM hour, TVNewser hears.

MSNBC will also have special coverage from 9-11 PM, with the first hour featuring “best of” highlights, and live coverage in the second hour. Craig Melvin will host.

You should also expect live-streaming of the dinner on the websites of each of the news organizations.

After the dinner is over, two of the biggest parties are being backed by TV news outlets. MSNBC will throw its annual post-dinner bash at the Embassy of Italy, while Bloomberg and Vanity Fair throw a bash at the residence of the Ambassador of France. Those parties often attract a crowd from the other networks.

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If you missed the live streaming to the WHCD, below is a link to the different videos that C-Span has: the whole hour and 1/2 of the speeches at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 45 minutes of red carpet arrivals to the dinner, and 30 minutes of arrivals and speeches at the brunch.

C-Span video

If you just want to just see Gerry here are the approximate minute marks on the video that you can catch him. Gerry is wearing black like 95% of the room but he is sitting with Newt Grenwich who has white hair and Newt's wife who is blond and wearing a red dress. Instead of pushing the tab up to the time you want just scroll along the bar to the time you want and then tap your mouse.

WHCD: 33 mins, 39mins, 44mins, 58 1/2 mins, 1hour 07 1/2 mins, 1 hour 8 mins, 1hour 23 1/2 mins

Red carpets arrivals: 24 1/2 mins, 28mins

Brunch: 4min

I can't believe the massive amounts of pictures of him posing with other people that were then posted on-line in tweets, instagram, webgram, etc... I don't think I have ever seem so much of him at a weekend of events. It was tiring just seeing all the pictures so I can't imagine have to pose for all those pictures.


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