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Gerard Butler GALS

300: Rise of an Empire

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It's a sequel. The cast looks less ripped than in 300 but there are a few cast members returning. I'll give it a watch but wasn't blown away by the trailer.


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I recall that in one of his interviews he was asked if he would be in the sequel and he said that they had talked about inserting a scene after the main filming but that, in the end, it was not possible because of his schedule. Think this was while he was in Australia. Kind of fuzzy in my mind, but you know how our ears prick up at any kind of news.

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I remember when asked about the sequel to Phantom of the opera..Gerry said "I don't "do" sequels"...but I guess if the role is too great and the money is too tempting....all bets are off...I would have loved to see him in a sequel "movie" for Phantom..even if he cringes when we mention that role...

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That looks like a picture from Serbia when he filmed Coriolanus.n Same costume, etc.

Looks to much like some of the shots from that filming.


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