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Gerard Butler GALS

Gods of Egypt - costumes?

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:) Hi there,

there have been lots of photos of Gerry out and about in Sydney but do we have any idea of what his 'look' will be like as the god Seth? Has filming actually started yet?



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I believe it was one of the producers that said in an interview it would be 98% in the studio w/ green screen. There have been reports of filming at Centennial Park in Sydney, but I don't think it's an open area, so it seems unlikely we'll get see much of anything from the actors on this shoot. I have seen one photo of extras, though.

I also agree that with the release date so far in the future, it's unlikely we'll see anything from the studio until much closer to that date.


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Thanks Cheryl. It looks like scenery and lighting, no actors.

Oh well. Maybe we will see something before 2 years. Maybe they will finish it before then and release it sooner.

One can hope.

Love him absolutely,


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