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Gerard Butler GALS

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Thank you to zanyzombie for discovering this and to Spot for helping -


I was able to finally track down the originating source so we can add it to our Gallery!! :claphands:

It is a recently released photo, but not sure when it was taken.

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I saw this pic on another site and it was entitled "Blake Little Photography".........it is a thudderino for sure!


Yes, and they were wrong! :lol:

As a rule we don't add photos to the GALS Gallery w/o an originating source...so sometimes we're not 'first' but we strive to be accurate!

I think it's a wonderful 'eyes' photo!! :seeyou:

Looks a bit like the Playing For Keeps promo pics, right?

:hmm: I thought so too, as "George" wore grey-heather T's in many of the other publicity shots.

It wasn't in any of the PFK publicithy/press kits and the photographer has it listed under portraits.

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Now that is an eye opener, for sure!!! We need more pics like that. Wish Gerry would do more magazines so he is forced to sit for a photoshoot. Thanks Barb, Zany and Spot for the pic!!!!! :hearts:

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Thanks for the beautiful picture of Gerry.

Am I color blind today, or do his eyes look blue in this photo?

Love him absolutely,


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