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Gerard Butler GALS

10/16 - @GerardButler Has 6 Things to Say About Style

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And they're all things you should take to heart.


Since breaking into the public consciousness with a small role in 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, Gerard Butler has become one of Hollywood's leading actors, landing memorable roles in The Phantom of the Opera, P.S. I Love You, and, of course, 300. Currently, you can see him in the Hugo Boss Bottled "Man of Today" campaign, and will be able to check him out in Gods of Egypt, set for release in 2016. With these projects in mind, Butler sat down with Esquire to share his thoughts on facial hair, his favorite clothes, and the worst style mistake a man can make.

I wouldn't say that there's anyone today that I look at and like to dress like. Generally, to be honest, I like to dress like me.

Being clean-shaven is typically not my favorite, but whenever I do it, I feel like I look years younger. Whenever I shave I go "Wow! Took five years off me." It's amazing.

I try and keep the suits and smarter outfits for more appropriate events, where you can really make it sing and be more striking and people don't get to used to it. Then, the rest of the time, I just like to play it down and keep it simple.

I have a huge collection of jackets and wherever I go, even if I'm going to a really hot climate and I know "You don’t need these jackets," I still put them in my suitcase (laughs).

I have this pair of adidas sneakers that I wear all the time. I have so many shoes, but I always seem to wear these shoes. Because you can wear them with a pair of smart pants or you can wear that with a pair of jeans, or whatever really.

Never make it look like you're trying too hard, even if you are.


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Yes....He does look good in anything!!!! Whether dressing up, dressing down, in a tux, in jeans, it doesn't matter..... He's just absolutely gorgeous !!!!

Love me some Gerry!!!!! mmmm mmm mmmm


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