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I have been thinking about studying abroad in Scotland for the summer of 2015 or 2016 and was wondering what things I should do while I'm there. My Great-grandmother was 1/2 Scottish so it runs on my family obviously and I've just always had this draw to the beautiful land. If anyone on the GBGALS forum is from there or has been there before knows of any cool sites to see, which I'm sure there are endless possibilities, I would love to know! Thanks in advance!


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I've never been to Scotland, only in my dreams!!!! I wish I could go there someday, you have no idea, yes, because of Gerard Butler!!!!! I found an interesting website "Visit Scotland", www.visitscotland.com, where you can find anything you need to know!!!!! Good luck for your study projects, go for it!!!!!!


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Hi Josee! There are a lot of school programs during the regular school year but not so much during the summer, which is when I would like to go, But there are like a couple. I too want to go partially because of GERRY being from there and hopefully bumping into his mom and hitting it off with her and then have her tell him what a great girl she met just for him HAHAHAH!!!! I can dream right!??!?! It's just so beautiful there too.

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My friend and I (a GAL here) went to Scotland, Ireland & England in the summer of 2010. If I could be packed and ready to go back in a minute. Scotland especially was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. You are so right about there is so much to see and lots of history. We spent 4 days in Scotland in different cities and believe it wasn't enough time to see it all. The Culloden Battlefield was so moving and don't forget to see Gerry's Stone there. The people are just awesome too. Hope this helps a bit but you really need to do your homework on what you want to see. Welcome to GALS.

Lu (Barbara)

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Hi Lu!

Gerry has a stone there? Is it because of family history or anything related? I want to visit as many castles as possible but I know there tons of them! Even just finding a cliff to sit on and relaxing would be nice. I've definitely been doing some research on what to see but didn't know amid anyone here lives there or had visited before (like yourself). Thanks!


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