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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Character Survivor 2014 - part 3

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Oh baby, come to mama!!!!

th_78A42422CF.jpg (I can't believe they are doing this to me...so close to Christmas)...

OH Well, my vote will be to send The Stranger home for what it is worth..... Johnnie will be nursing his wounds at my house.


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Looks like The Stranger is going to make it all the way! I officially vote to send Johnnie home. Not an easy

decision because I love him, too.

Until next game,


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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2014

:congrats:to The Stranger, our 2014 Champion! :cheer2:


The Hall of Champions

Erik, The Phantom th_600x590.gif

Gerry Kennedy th_PSILY2hires.jpg

Andre Marek th_GerardButler01.jpg



Mike Banningth_ohfHDt1cap7.jpg

The Strangerth_dfconnected19.jpg


Week 1 Lead Seaman and Chaun

Week 2 Sea Captain and Burke

Week 3 Cassius and Tim Bolton

Week 4 Jacko and Chris Kumac

Week 5 Peter (Little White Lies) and Peter (Please)
Week 6 Yasha and Marty Claymore
Week 7 Gus and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 8 Jackie, Jr and Charles Bellamy
Week 9 Stoick and Tullus Aufidius
Week 10 Archie Brown and Neil Randall
Week 11 Milo Boyd
Week 12 George Dryer
Week 13 Kable
Week 14 Dracula
Week 15 Mike Chadway
Week 16 Frank Borghi

Week 17 Clyde Shelton

Week 18 Jack Rusoe
Week 19 Alex Rover
Week 20 King Leonidas
Week 21 One-Two
Week 22 Terry Sheridan
Week 23 Frosty Hesson
Week 24 Creedy
Week 25 Sam Childers
Week 26 Johnnie Donne
A big :ty: to all who played! We'll take a break and start up again in the Spring with Gerry Character Survivor 2015, if the forum is still here. Please consider making a donation to help GALS keep our site and our game alive!
Edited by Lady Elissa
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Congratulations to The Stranger :congrats: He is joining a group of very HOT Champions.

:hug: To you, Elissa, for all the hard work you have done in this tournament! I know it took a lot of time, and your efforts are appreciated!

I echo Elissa's appeal for donations to GALS to keep the website up and running. Life would be so boring without our GALfriends and our Gerry drooling!

Cheers to everyone and a Happy New Year!!


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Thanks very much, Elissa, for running this game. It is a lot of fun and I know we all enjoy it so much. I'm so happy the Stranger won! Love that Stranger. Yahoo........Love that Stranger Man. And I really like him, too.

I will mail a check to Susan this afternoon.



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Hi Gals and in Particular Lady Elisa for all the hard work you put into it.

I think the best man won, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I paid my donation yesterday via paypal, its so easy that way,especially using the link her on the front page. Got an email back from Becosy, very nice.



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:thankyou: , everyone! It was great fun! I don't mind emceeing the game, in fact, I love doing it! I'm already cooking-up some immunity questions for the next tourney. :)

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Thank you Elissa for running this game - I'm glad that the Stranger is now in the Hall of Champions.

Wishing you, Bill & Erin a Healthy, Happy New Year!

Hugs, Barbara

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Stacking the deck early, I see, Elissa. :lmao:

I had a difficult time making the choice between our two gentlemen at the end this season.

When I look at the list of past winners, I think the showdown between them when we get to that point will be, um, a bit difficult. :scared:

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