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Gerard Butler GALS

favorite book series


favorite book series  

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  1. 1. books

    • Outlander
    • Harry Potter
    • The Lord of the Rings
    • others
    • i come on here to read

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I chose "other".... you GALS don't have to guess what "other" pertains to... :rotflmao:

:erikrose: :reddeathsword: :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath: :erikicon: :reddeath:


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Having just finished all of the Outlander series, I am still reeling from the immensity of the saga and the many emotions that linger beyond the last pages. I really loved these books, and they are uppermost in my heart and emotions at present. I must say that before I read the Outlander series, however, I have read and reread the Harry Potter books myriad times in recent years, and I would have opted for them before I read the Outlander series.

OK...exhausted from Vegas, falling asleep at the keyboard while watching "Dear Frankie" on cable. I don't know if I'm making any sense at all!

Smooches :kiss::kiss:


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::D: I chose the Harry Potter series -i have read most of those. I have some of the outlander ones-but i have'nt had the time to get into reading them. I've heard once i start reading them i'll be addicted.

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I chose Harry Potter, but I've never read the Outlander series. I intend to read the Outlander books at some point, just haven't gotten around to it. ::D: I keep spending all my free time online! lol

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Guest morgaine

I chose Outlander, 'cause I love these books and I read them again and again.

In addition I think, I fell in love with Jamie Fraser...'cause in my imagination he looks like Gerry... ::D: :kisswink:

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OH, so many to choose from.

But I am quite of fan of Ann Perry's older series, The ones with the Pitts and the one with Monk.

Also, all of the ones by Cornwell that have Dr. Scarpetta.

And Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan ones.

And Davenport in the "Prey" series - geez, I just forgot the author. :doh:

I can't narrow it down....

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I voted others:

Noah Gordon's books, - the trilogy that follows the Cole family of physicians from the 11th century to the present time. If you can get your hands on the first one ( "The Physician" ) you will be swept away and a broad canvas is painted before your very eyes, - you can smell and taste and live centuries ago...

I love Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings too + so many others :wideeyes:

I think they are trying to make a movie from the trilogy, - and Gerry as Rob Cole would be divine!!!

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Of the poll options, I chose Harry Potter.

Haven't read Outlander. While I love the LOTR movies, I can't say that I particularly enjoy a book that takes 3 yrs to read because it's so wordy. It took me a whole year to read Fellowship of the Ring and I do not have that problem with most other books.

I also adore the Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts

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Not that i don't LOVE the Harry Potter books -- i have read all 6 so far!!!! --- but i have to say OTHER-- and i do so because then one book series i can NOT live with out is IN DEATH -- by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb!! these books ARE GREATNESS---

if you haven't read to give em a try and if you have --- IS'T GERRY SOOOOOO ROARKE !!!!

Nora Robert -- JD Robb book list

take a look see --- you wont be sorry


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I've read almost every one of the In Death series and love them. Apparently Mel Gibson has bought the movie rights to them and we all know whose company filmed BOAW. Gerry for Roake, pairfect!

:pointy::claphands: :inlove:

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Love Harry Potter. Can't wait for the next one to come out. I still wish that they would have let the fans choose who should play the characters in the movie. Love Ralph Fiennes but I would have gone for Daniel Day Lewis.


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