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favorite book series


favorite book series  

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    • Outlander
    • Harry Potter
    • The Lord of the Rings
    • others
    • i come on here to read

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I love the Harry Potter series because it is something my whole family shares! From grandfather through granddaughter, we read together, discuss it, watch the movies...it's awesome!!! I do enjoy the Outlander series, but it is not something I would share wth my dad or my daughter!!! ::D:

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I voted for Galbaldon's Outlander series but it's actually tied for first place in my head with Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolo Rising series. That series is much harder to read cause it's so literary and continental. But it was my first love and I had to buy it all in hardbound cause I re-read it every 3 to 5 years.

I just finished re-reading Outlander series - so it's only 2x that I've read Breath of Snow. All the other books I've read many times now. And yes, I remember what happens, but the richness of the reading is in re-experiencing the well-worded details.

Through the years I've visited many of the sites in the Dunnett series (Bruges, Scotland, Venice, Iceland) - and last year I went to Culloden, Falkirk and Inverness. (But spent more time in Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock for other reasons).

Well researched historical fiction with romance thrown in is definitely my FAVORITE. So I read through threads like this hoping for leads on other good series.

I should add that I love Karen Moning's series too. On a scale of easy read she's the easiest - Galbaldon is in the middle and Dunnett is difficult - but worth it.

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I chose the Outlander series for one reason. It's the only series of books that I've read. It's good reading once you learn the gaelic phrases. I think a little too much of Scottish brogue. I love listening to it but can't concentrate on reading and trying to figure out what I just read. :bonk: I also read a lot of James Patterson. His books are usually put into films and I like that.

:santahat: :wave: Fran

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I've just started reading Outlander so I can't really say as far as that series goes. But I liked V.C. Andrews Flowers In The Attic and some of her other series.Also the Left Behind series were good, but there were an awful lot of books.They just seemed to keep coming out with a new volume all the time and I stopped at number 7.Maybe someday I'll finish but more then likely not.

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I have to say that the HP books have my heart.


From all I've heard I have to get the Outlander series, is this an online thing or can I get the books at Barnes and Noble?

ChaCha-I agree with the Flowers in the Attis books, I've never read anything like them before or since. But I hate the other books with her name on them. Mainly because she didn't write any of them! She is the only author I've ever heard of who continued to write for 20 years after she DIED! Okay off soap box now, it just really bothers me, cuz the stories she actually wrote are so superior to any of the other stuff with her name on it. They all seem like watered down versions of the similar stories with different names and locations.

Okay now I'm off the soap box :D

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I don't read much fiction but LOVED the Outlander books. I have read them all and think Diana Gabaldon was able to reach a nice balance between romance and adventure and managed to keep the time travel/sci fi aspect of the story in the background for the most part. It was there, but not so overt that it muddled up the story of Jamie and Claire.

The woman also has the best sense of humor :rotflmao: and really gets the relationship between men and women - even those that love (and sometimes could kill) each other. :tantrum:

I vote for the Outlander series and can't wait to read the next book. :claphands: Please hurry, Diana!

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Well, I gotta say that after hearing so many good things about these Outlander books, I went and found them. Three of them anyway. I have a paperback exchange in my town and she ahd 2 of them, I then got one on ebay. So now I have Outlander, Voyageur, and Drums of Autumn. Three down three to go, four if you count the companion book.

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