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Gerard Butler GALS

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I'm sure I read about this, but cannot find the thread.

Can our member name be changed?

If so, how do we do it?

If a mod or an admin has to make the change, I would like to change

from: deastwood

to: Dee's Second Childhood. If too long, how about Dee's 2nd Childhood.


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:hey: Dee!

I shall pass on your request to Stef...our Web Wonder Woman who will transform you

from deastwood to Dee's 2nd Childhood :kisswink:

(If there's a problem with the length, I'll let you know, but it should be okay!)



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Congrats Dee!!!

I was still logged on when the change took place. One minute you were Deastwood, the next you were Dee's 2nd Childhood!

Okay, so I think we have another GALS symptom here...you get excited when one of your galfriends get her member name changed, and you were logged onto GALS when the transfer took place!



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Songbird - I'm jealous!!! I had just signed off so I could get to work, so I missed the change.

Stef - thanks for making the change for me.

I really think I'm having more fun now than I did in my original childhood thanks to Gerry and my new GALfriends, and PALS.


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