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Gerard Butler GALS

The Adventures of Erik and Katheryn

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They arrive at a nice but small 3 bedroom hut deep in a clearing buried in the middle of a large forrest. They all hop out the Jeep and slowely look at their surroundings. There is a little stream running near the hut, and blossom trees randomly growing here and there. "This is quite rustic for you two isn't it" Marek laughed, giving Terry a playfull pat on the back. Terry laughed "Ahhh well, at least its safe to bring your lovely ladies" he replied winking at Claire and Katheryn, "Come on in and we'll have a drink before getting down to buisness." As they walked Lara playfully traced her hand down Eriks as she brushed passed him while entering the door. Katheryn had not seen this, but noticed the look on Eriks face...a look of confusion, guilt and anger. As she wakled into the hut she spied a lusty little smirk on Lara's face. Katheryn did not like this at all and quickly left the door she had only just entered. Lady Claire rushed after her...

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"Wait Katheryn," Claire called as she followed Katheryn down to the small stream. They sat, removed their shoes and socks, and then hung their feet in the water. It was a small stream and appeared safe from predators. While Katheryn nursed Erica, she swung her feet restlessly through the cool water and began to talk about Erik.

Lady Claire listened, ready to give advice or comfort, as needed. She noticed from the corner of her eye that Andre was scouting the nearby area and Terry was with him. She frowned, thinking, f......! Where were Lara and Erik?

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Lady Claire did not have to wonder long. Erik's shrieks cut through the tranquility like fingernails on a chalkboard. Startled, they all headed in the direction of Erik's cries for help! Upon arrival, all were shocked and horrified to discover Lara, on her knees, holding her hand to her face -- blood trickling from her eye-socket. "What happened here?!" asked Kathryn. Indignant, Lara replied, "I was just trying to kiss him on the ... er ... Well ... he poked my eye out!!" Kathryn could only stare at Erik in disbelief when Erik said, "Don't look that way! It wasn't ME she was trying to kess. It was the damn CAMEL!!" All eyes turned to the camel when it ...

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